January 2019

John Rex Charter Middle School Takes Learning Beyond the Classroom

John Rex Charter’s new middle school is taking its electives beyond the classroom and the Myriad Botanical Gardens where the school is located. It is the only active public school in a botanical garden in the country. The sixth-graders get a variety of classes including gardening in the Myriad Gardens, kayaking on the Oklahoma River and cycling … Continued

Famed Beatles Animator Hosts Art Show at Framed in Village

Famed animator and illustrator Ron Campbell held an art show featuring his work at Framed in the Village in November. Ron was one of the animators for the Beatles film Yellow Submarine and director of the Beatles 1960 cartoon series. He also worked on such iconic cartoons as Scooby Doo, The Smurfs, Rugrats, The Flintstones and … Continued