Home Is Where the Heart Is

 The concept of home is different for everyone.
  For some, home is where the family is. It’s the place where weekends were—or still are—filled with baby snuggles, bedtime stories and Saturday morning cartoons. The place where the smell of bacon and pancakes fills the air on Sunday mornings, "do your homework before you go outside" is a daily mantra and…

March 2018 Around Town

Last year, the Nielsen Co. reported that children’s television viewing had reached an eight-year high. Children ages 2 to 5 watched TV or a tablet for more than 32 hours a week. While parents try to give their children a head start with the best of intentions, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the most important stepping stone little ones…

Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma’s Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and the National Day of Service, 32 AmeriCorps members of the Red River CommunityCorps spent their day completing projects at Camp Fire Heart of Oklahoma’s camp property, Camp DaKaNi. Members painted program spaces and bathrooms, cleared out storage and removed old flooring. 

Chocolate Decadence

On February 1, the Historic Automobile Alley hosted its annual Chocolate Decadence fundraiser at the Hudson-Essex Office Lofts. This fundraiser helps pay for things like Holiday Lights among other things. Many of the finest local restaurants created some amazing chocolate fare.  

Modern Contemporary Meets Warmth

Both Ashley and Chad Hemphill, the husband-and-wife team of Chad Hemphill Construction, have a love of contemporary design, but with a touch of warmth and strong touches that bring elements together.

Industry Expert: Loren Wilson

Ask Loren Wilson, The Ambassador Shop's owner, what the rules of men's fashion are, and he'll tell you that rules are a thing of the past. Thanks to a younger, fearless generation, men are embracing bold colors, clashing patterns and wild styles as they dress for the office. 

Doors Open Up Creativity in Any Space

Jayesh Panchal wanted to create a custom designed door, and using his daughter's interior design skills, he partnered with Monte Cristo Ironworks to bring a striking design to life.

Handmade Pizza Brings Memories Back and People Together

Lori Burson, owner and founder of Stella Modern Italian in Midtown, lived on pizza while studying in Rome. The pizza in Italy, however, is vastly different from pizza in America, and she developed a passion for fresh, seasonal ingredients, mascarpone cheese and crispy, hand-sculpted crusts.

Full (First) Circle

Tucked away in a little shop off of Northwest 38th Street, John Chapline is handcrafting furniture, following a tradition of art 
that his grandfather started years ago. First Circle is a little-known gem of a woodcrafting workshop which creates doors, tables, cabinets, chairs and so much more for discerning customers and interior designers.

Lending Made Easy

In August 2016, Chad Caplinger, vice president of production for Diversified Lending Group LLC, talked to a young mother about buying a home for her family.