Royal Iron

 Article Heide Brandes  The creations by Royal Ironworks start as 20-foot iron bars, which Richard heats up in a forge and hammers into shape by hand. For more information, visit  Richard Queen didn't start out as a master iron artist. He had a "suit-and-tie" job like so many others, but being a single parent motivated him to take his hobby…

Wine Delight

 Article Heide Brandes | Photography Reed Ewing Photography  Danny and Jeannie Stith of Oklahoma City know wine. They love wine. With a collection just shy of 2,000 bottles, the Stiths wanted a unique space that could not only highlight their wine collection but protect it as well.  

Arbor Image Tree Care

 Article Heide Brandes | Photography Cindy Ritchie  Jostlin Vanzant didn't particularly love trees, even though her father, Koree Vanzant, owned and operated Arbor Image Tree Care. All she knew was she didn't want to work an indoor office job, and she loved the outdoors.  But after five years as a nutritionist for the tree care company, she's developed a love…

Optimal Health Associates

Though renowned for the care of women's issues and the hormonal care for women, Optimal Health Associates' Dr. Noel Williams says men's hormonal health is as important and can be life-changing as well.

Lending Made Easy

In August 2016, Chad Caplinger, vice president of production for Diversified Lending Group LLC, talked to a young mother about buying a home for her family.

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Heide Brandes is an award-winning journalist and editor with more than 18 years of experience in publishing before starting her own freelance writing company in October 2012. She regularly contributes to numerous state, regional and national publications and has been published in Forbes, Silicon66, Bloomberg News, The Guardian UK, Outdoor X 4, Pink Pangea, GoNomad, The Wall Street Journal, The…

Help-Her Provides Personal Service for Women

When Diana Acker of Oklahoma City was working as a contract case manager for three different agencies, she knew that the state budget cuts were looming and her position would be among those sacrificed to the state budget woes.


Serve at a holiday party or ring in the New Year with this cranberry martini. 

Dr. Castel Santana

Ever impatiently waited in a doctor's office? Sit for 20-30 minutes, nurse checks vitals for 5, doctor comes to the room for 5 minutes, and nurse returns with prescription in hand. Goodbyes, payment, scheduling and it's over. Sound familiar?

Salon Exclusive

Lori Miller and Braxton Banks met nine years ago working in a salon together. And from that experience, Salon Exclusive was born. They had strong ideas of what they wanted to do as a business, and they had made strong connections in the salon and beauty industry. That’s why they decided to step out on their own and create Salon…