Swoon-able Gifts for Your Valentine

 Valentine's Day shopping doesn't have to be a chore!  Instead of stressing out over roses and chocolates or breaking the bank on expensive gifts, we've curated some hyper-local ways to really impress that shining star in your life. From men's gifts to ladies' presents, you'll not only find the best way to express your love and affection, but support local…

What’s In Your Skin Care Bag?

If anyone knows how to keep skin looking young and supple, it's Dr. Lori Hansen, MD.

Pool Perfection

Long gone are the days of square or kidney-shaped concrete pools plopped down in the middle of a yard. Today's pools are instead works of art, incorporating sleek modern design or natural landscape elements to create spaces that are recreational, relaxing and ravishing.

The Maids Makes Holiday, Year-Round Cleaning a Breeze

The holiday season can be stressful on its own, but juggling work, party planning, kids' activities and cleaning can add even more stress.

Bath, Beauty and Beyond

A woman walked into Oklahoma City's Architectural Hardware Designs with a vision. She had recently been in England and stayed at a five-star resort. In that resort was the bathroom of her dreams.

Light as Fashion

 Article Heide Brandes | Photography Cindy Ritchie  Robert Baxter, owner of Robert Baxter Electric, knows his lighting. As a decades-long expert, Robert has seen how lighting can dress up a home much like how a signature piece of jewelry or a handbag can really dress up an outfit.  Robert, now 68, has been an electrical contractor since he was 18.…

Five Favorite Things

 Article Heide Brandes | Photography Cindy Ritchie  Oklahoma City native Dustin Chilcoat loves anything to do with sports and water, and in his hometown, he finds plenty of places to indulge those passions.  The 32-year-old married his high school sweetheart and was involved in sports like baseball, cross country, volleyball and more. A graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University, Dustin loves being outdoors and traveling to new…

Thanksgiving Traditions

“My mom’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, so it remains with the traditional Thanksgiving feast,” Tracee Strong says. “Her Southern cornbread stuffing (my grandmother’s recipe) is my absolute favorite! My mom started a tradition when the grandchildren were younger—she bought a paper tablecloth and gave the kids permanent markers to write what they are thankful for on the tablecloth. We look…

Adam Edwards’ Top 5 Sports Moments

Adam Edwards graduated from Oklahoma State University and played professional football in the NFL and internationally. He has worked at Fortune 100 companies owns and operates iMatch Franchise. Recently, Adam became a Certified Wine Maker who belongs to the U.S. Sommelier Association and became a Registered Broker Intermediary with the International Business Broker’s Association. As a distribution partner, Adam also…

Industry Expert

Knowledge is power. Win Shelton stresses the need for customers to understand their insurance plans. After all, if a customer is going to pay thousands of dollars for a product, that customer should understand it.