Passion for Wounded Vets Drives Sabolich Prosthetics

 Article Heide Brandes  When Scott Sabolich sees a wounded veteran, his heart clenches. When he sees a military veteran who suffered an amputation, he knows he can help them achieve mobility.  Scott Sabolich Prosthetics and Research in Oklahoma City has helped amputees for more than 70 years. Scott took over in 1999 and opened a second office in Dallas. Both locations…

Back to the Classics

 Article Heide Brandes | Photography Cindy Ritchie  This season, women's fine jewelry is going back to an age of simple elegance. Trends in women's sparkles see a return to simple design, layering of different metals and styles, the rise of colored gemstones and sophistication inspired by red carpet royalty.  

February: Foundation
Evaluation Month

Vesta Foundation Solution Tip: An ounce of 
prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Tree roots. Water. Soil. Earthquakes.
Nature eventually rules over all that mankind builds unless it is properly maintained. It's a battle that always ends the same way. But, with a little foresight and preventative measures, these seemingly powerful forces can be temporarily tamed. The wildness of the natural…

Eyes Etc.: Casting and Improving Metro Vision

Acquiring a new perspective often begins in January. The new year marks the opportunity to see the world differently, more fully and with hopeful eyes. It seems that countless options vie for the attention of Oklahomans as they consider what choices lay before them. 

American Jet Charter

Flying to your vacation destination can often be a stressful experience. But customers who fly American Jet Charter get to experience convenience and luxury that other travelers don’t. American Jet Charter can take the hassle out of your next vacation. Owner Jim Hensley provides a unique service to travelers. “Customers can pull right up to the airplane with their car,…

Something Old, Something New

What started as a side project in Todd Miller’s garage has become a full-fledged business. Back in the day, Todd spent his days working for someone else, only to come home from work to transition into parent mode for bath time for his two sons, only to transition into entrepreneur mode when his sons’ heads hit their pillows.

Revolutionizing Fitness One Friendly Greeting at a Time

Whether you’re walking into a Four Star Fitness on North May in Edmond or right in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, what may amaze you first is debatable. It could be how clean the facility is or how quickly and courteously you’re greeted when you walk in. OKC Lifestyle caught up with Kevin McBride, one of the owners of…