Streets, Quality of Life, Education, Diversity

Since taking office as Oklahoma City’s new mayor, David Holt has focused on four key areas that he says will continue the city’s climb toward greatness.

The Secret Sauce of Success

It’s a remarkable time to be a female leader. Nearly half of the workforce in the United States are women, with younger females entering the professional world more educated than men and making more money to men their age than their mothers and grandmothers decades ago.

OKC-OMS Donates Oral Surgery to Families of Fallen Officers

Jason Wright was only 33 years old when a heart attack took his life. 

That’s A Wrap

Like most things in life, presentation is key. Of course gift wrapping falls under this rule. Here's our 6-step life hack to wrapping like a professional. So say goodbye to amateur presents plagued with gift wrap gap or crumpled corners, and say hello to perfection.