What’s In Your Skin Care Bag?

If anyone knows how to keep skin looking young and supple, it's Dr. Lori Hansen, MD.

Meet Dr. Arielle Allen

Dr. Arielle Allen always wanted to be a surgeon. She graduated from the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed her residency in obstetrics/gynecology at the University of Oklahoma -Tulsa and completed her fellowship in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery at the University of Oklahoma. She also earned a Masters Degree in Clinical & Translational Sciences.

Land Rover Keeps Up With Energy of 2020

The new Bob Moore Land Rover Jaguar OKC opens in March 2020, and if an active, eco-friendly ride is what you're looking for, then this will be the place to find it.

From NYC to OKC, Sherpa Moving Honors Veterans

Jesse Gartman served four years in Afghanistan as a Marine after graduating from Guthrie, but like many veterans, he struggled to decide what to do with his life after the Marine Corps.

Local Gift Guide

Stop browsing the chain stores or hunting for deals online. Oklahoma City's small businesses and shops have just what you're looking for when it comes to the best Christmas gifts for him, her, Mom, Dad or even your furry family members.

Winter Fun in Oklahoma City

As the temperatures plummet and snow softly floats to the ground, Oklahoma City comes alive with ways to enjoy the magic of the season. From stunning Christmas lights to wild rides down a snow-covered course, Oklahoma City has a lot of things to do that include traditional favorites, heart-pounding recreation and modern twists on nostalgia.

Retro, Color, Bejeweled: Eyeglasses Sparkle This Season

Like shoes, purses and clothing, eyeglass fashions change, and in Terry Furrh's opinion, this season's styles are only getting better and more fun.

Spread Your Wings & Discover Luxury

Jim Hensley was sitting in a hunting lodge in South Dakota working as his clients braved the winter weather for their annual pheasant hunt.

Bringing Old-School Style Back

The gentleman sat in the 1950s barber chair facing the mirror while the barber puffed hot lather along his neck. Pulling out a straight razor, the barber scraped the blade over the neck stubble as Frank Sinatra crooned about going to the moon.

Big Cedar Lodge Creates Multi-Course Golfing Destination in Ozarks

Located deep within the Ozark Mountains of Missouri lies an unexpected destination that just might be the next big thing in golf.