The Secret Sauce of Success

It’s a remarkable time to be a female leader. Nearly half of the workforce in the United States are women, with younger females entering the professional world more educated than men and making more money to men their age than their mothers and grandmothers decades ago.

Stone Cold Beauty

Artisans creating in cast stone must have a passion for the art because it demands full attention. Just like artisans of thousands of years ago, today’s cast stone creators must go deep within their soul to tap the creativity and inspiration to carve and shape the final product.

Healthy Life

Today’s women are busy. Some are full-time professionals balancing career and family; others are raising children at home, and still others use their time to volunteer and make a difference.

Simple, Sustainable & Scrumptious

Betsy Hendershot, founder of Oklahoma's Downward Dog Wines, wanted to stay true to her passion for sustainability, but she also wanted a box wine at a reasonable price point that had the quality she expected.

Can We End Bullying?

Despite all the information and focus on bullying, one large study shows that 49 percent of children in grades 4–12 reported being bullied by other students at school at least once during the past month, whereas 30.8 percent reported bullying others during that time.

Eco-Friendly Tax Benefits

April isn't just the month when most taxes are due; it's also a month for eco-awareness.

The Most Exciting Day Ever!

Imagine a place where you can take your baby when you are at work that offers playtime, nap time, high-quality meals, educational classes and even baths. Imagine a place where your baby can play and socialize with others, get rewarded for good behavior and be taken care of just as he or she would be at home.

The Enduring Beauty of Metal

 Metal is enduring.  In all its shapes, looks, styles, trends or uses, metal adds a permanence. When crafted by master metalworkers, metal also becomes art, and Old World Iron in Oklahoma City makes something hard and unyielding into things of beauty.  "Metal is no different from any other medium," says Tom Miller, owner of Old World Iron.

Pool Perfection

Long gone are the days of square or kidney-shaped concrete pools plopped down in the middle of a yard. Today's pools are instead works of art, incorporating sleek modern design or natural landscape elements to create spaces that are recreational, relaxing and ravishing.

Women Building a Better OKC

Between June 1, 2017, and May 31, 2018, the Junior League of Oklahoma City members volunteered more than 5,000 hours in the greater Oklahoma City community, totaling a value of more than $120,000. From teaching children at the Boys & Girls Club of America how to cook healthy dinners and making the OKC Zoo playground more accessible to all children…