Old-School Is Cool 4

Ambassador Shop Brings Nostalgia, Color to Men’s Fashion

Old-school is cool again, and The Ambassador Shop at 3000 W. Memorial #129 has all the duds that make men channel their inner 1940s dapper selves.

Owner Loren Wilson says nostalgic styles like pinstripes and seersucker are back in style, but with a modern twist.

“For office wear, the old-school pinstripe is going back to a chalk pinstripe that has the 1930s and 1940s look,” he says. “The patterns are hot right now, so we see a lot more of the colored plaids and wide pinstripes. Fabrics are changing too. You are seeing a lot of wool and silk blends, wool for the shape and silk for the shine.”

Pops of subtle color combined with pure, unadulterated pastels and brights bring a fun feel to men’s fashion this fall, he adds. The pinstripes are incorporating colors like lavender and red while the plaids are hinting at iridescent sheens.

“The shirts have that same style. We see a lot of gingham shirts and small plaid, and we are able to take all the colors and have some fun with it,” he says. “Pastel colors are popular with your pinks, yellows and greens for sports jackets.”

The Ambassador Shop specializes in the Italian designer line of Tiglio, which is famous for cutting-edge Italian fashion design and quality.

“You won’t see designs like this anywhere else,” Loren says.

The fashion boutique also features weekly sales and will begin introducing sports coats and suits of the month for shoppers. He says the suits are affordable, ranging in price from about $650 to $750, adding that an on-site tailor makes alterations hassle-free for customers.

“We are a specialty men’s clothier store and have become known for our on-site tailoring and the exceptional service through four generations,” Loren says.