Area Rugs, Resin and Concrete Furnishings Give Outdoor Spaces a Touch of Exotic

Summer is all about enjoying time outdoors. Having a great outdoor living space is a must. We asked Tracee Strong of Nuvo Home in Oklahoma City to give us a sneak peek into the hottest outdoor looks that will make your outdoor living space summer-ready with the latest trends in outdoor furnishings.


Rugs have always had the ability to add pop, color and style to any space, but this summer’s hottest trends are going natural. 

“We are seeing a lot of blended spaces transitioning from inside to outside,” Tracee says. “Rugs indoors can pull a space together, and the same goes for the outside conversational areas. Pattern, color and texture add variation and interest to an overall design. Rugs shape the area and are a big part of the layering process in decor.”

Area rugs should be large enough for at least the front legs of the sofa and all of the chairs to rest on top of it. Most living rooms need at least an 8 by 10, but most need larger.

“A rug is usually something that is more of a statement that guides the space to be modern or eclectic,” Tracee says. “Rugs are the foundation for the space. Eclectic looks are playful, textural and fun, and the little details paired with their larger scale makes rugs feel special. Nuvo Home has art that is outdoor-safe to finish the design with style.”


Be ready for unexpected and exciting material combinations, Tracee says. Combinations of materials such as timber, rope, resin, concrete metal and upholstery are popular this year. 

“I have several furniture vendors that carry the concrete material. Chairs made from polypropylene are treated to withstand the sun and elements, so that’s big now too,” she says. “Polypropylene is even washable with a hose, so it’s perfect for the outdoor space.”


Low-slung furnishings are also in style this season. If your room is on the smaller size, then you should opt for pieces that are more of small scale, which will give you the negative space you need.

“In design, we work to create balance and harmony. Normal seat heights are usually 18 by 20 inches. Low-scale Scandinavian-like furniture, like many mid-century modern lounge chairs, sit very low with a seat height of only 14 inches,” Tracee says. “It invites you to lounge. Mid-century modern is a huge influence in today’s design.”

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