Bugs, Heat and Wind Don’t Stand a Chance Against Shutters, Screens in Outdoor Living Spaces

Summer is the perfect time for backyard barbecues, wine on the patio or just enjoying the warm nights, but bugs, mosquitos, sun and wind can dampen any outdoor party.

Put away the sunscreen and the stinky bug spray and consider motorized screens instead. According to Eileen Miller of Distinctive Shades and Shutters, motorized screens for your outdoor living space serve multiple purposes. Not only do they cut down on the heat of the sun’s rays, but they also keep out unwanted guests like flies and mosquitoes.

“With the screens, you can sit outside and enjoy a meal and not have the bugs and mosquitoes join you for dinner,” she says. “The screen shades we carry are motorized in a track, and it has the added bonus of having a sensor for the wind. If you accidentally leave it down and the wind picks up at a certain velocity, the screens automatically go up. That was a nice feature. We wanted to offer a product that held up to the Oklahoma wind.”

Screens also help to keep dust and dirt out of your outdoor living area as well.

Aluminum shutters are another option to help keep an outdoor kitchen area clean. The heavy-duty shutters, which come in five shades, can be placed behind an outdoor grill or cooking space, which jazzes up the area but also helps keep dirt off equipment. 

“Just open the shutters when you are cooking, and the smoke goes out,” she says. “These aluminum shutters can withstand heat up to four inches away and are designed to withstand 170 mph wind as well.”

Cindy Bradford of Edmond was adding to her outdoor patio and wanted protection from the wind and the sun.

“The shutters are perfect because they can also be opened or totally folded back to give an open look,” she says. “The shutters made it cozier and private and keeps the wind out and controls the light.” 

For added spark and protection, both shutters and screens can be used in conjunction with each other.

“Shutters and screens are really great for outdoor kitchens, which can get really dirty,” Eileen says. “It’s a nice way to enjoy the summer without worrying about bugs, heat or dirt.”