Farewell to a Classic 1

Volkswagen Discontinues Iconic VW Beetle

As summer rolls into Oklahoma City, it also marks the end of the long journey of the iconic Volkswagon Beetle.

After 80 years, the end for the Beetle looms as Volkswagen announced it would end production of the “Little Bug” in 2019. This year’s model is called the SEL Final Edition, and summer is your last chance to snag one of these limited editions, especially the convertible models.

“If you always wanted a Beetle, the time to get it is now,” says Craig Chancellor, general manager of Allen Samuels Volkswagen. “The Beetle still has that German ingenuity and a six-year, 70,000-mile warranty with a 2.0 turbo engine. It will also have a higher return value since it won’t be in production anymore. I’m selling them out as soon as I get them in.”

The 2019 SEL Convertible Beetle comes in limited edition colors of Tornado Red, Deep Black, Pure White, Platinum Gray, Pearl, Safari Uni, Habernaro Orange and Stonewash Blue.


Allen Samuels Volkswagen, formerly VW of Edmond, is now located at the corner of Memorial and Santa Fe.