Busy Women’s Guide to Squeezing in Health

Today’s women are busy. Some are full-time professionals balancing career and family; others are raising children at home, and still others use their time to volunteer and make a difference.

With all the pressures and demands placed on women, it can be hard to squeeze in healthy living and exercise. Women need roughly two and a half hours of moderate intensity exercise every week. In addition, women need strengthening exercises at least two days a week to combat weakness, osteoporosis and other health issues.

So what does that mean? Think of it this way: Women should do five 30-minute workouts a week, plus some strengthening exercises like yoga and weightlifting.

One way to do this is to choose a workout you can do almost anywhere. Exercise that doesn’t require much preparation and results in significant physical gains in a short period of time is best. Think of high-intensity activities like running, body-weight exercises, interval training and yoga.

Don’t dismiss the power of exercise DVDs or exercise videos on your streaming devices either. You can stream a workout on your laptop at work or from your TV at home. Just remember that any exercise—no matter how small—is better than nothing. 

How to Sneak Exercise into Your Day:

  1. Make small chunks of time. If you can’t block off 30 minutes in your day for exercise, then break it down into three 10-minute sessions. Try waking up a little earlier than usual to squeeze in a 10-minute walk around your neighborhood, or take a walk during your lunch break.

  2. Grab a partner. Getting motivated to exercise can be easier (and more fun) if you do it with someone else. Catch up with a friend for a walk, jog or a workout class. Join your kids for a walk after dinner, or a ride bikes in your neighborhood.

  3. Plan ahead. Just like every other important task on your to-do list, dedicate time for exercise. Block off time on your calendar for exercise just like you do for a meeting or to have lunch with a friend. Grab a convenient Isogenix health shake or nutrition bar to take on the go, distributor Lisa Bingenheimer Hill says, to ensure you’re getting the nutrition you need instead of snacking on unhealthy convenience food. “Isogenix is the world’s best nutritional dense shake for fuel designed to provide your body with everything it needs to run at peak performance,” she says.

  4. Work out at work. Use your breaks at work to take a brisk walk. If your business has a gym, then use it. Take the stairs at work as often as you can, or invest in a standing desk or balance ball to use when working at the computer. Get up and stand at least three times an hour to keep the blood pumping.