Dogtopia Designs Boarding with Dogs’ Health, Happiness in Mind

Imagine a place where you can take your baby when you are at work that offers playtime, nap time, high-quality meals, educational classes and even baths. Imagine a place where your baby can play and socialize with others, get rewarded for good behavior and be taken care of just as he or she would be at home.

For doggy fur babies, that place is Dogtopia in Edmond, an award-winning dog daycare that offers boarding and spa services to dogs of all ages and sizes. Dog parents can watch their dogs play on webcams in an open and safe environment. But Dogtopia isn’t just a boarding facility; it’s a place where days are filled with fun under the watchful eye of certified dog handlers who treat pets to socialization, exercise and education.

“Dogtopia started in 2002, and we’ve been here in Edmond for about seven months now,” says Owner-Operator Mike Young.

Now with 83 locations in the US and Canada, Dogtopia is changing the way dog daycares operate. Dogtopia has three distinct playrooms for small, medium and large dogs to play off-leash together in a supervised environment.

“So it’s an indoor dog park, but it’s an indoor dog park with qualified people who actually understand dog language and body behavior just don’t get along,” Mike says. “All the dog coaches receive extensive training where they complete 20 hours of online curriculum training to be allowed to even walk in the room.

“We literally have to make sure they’re comfortable and confident being in a room and managing the dogs. They do a practical exam as well as a walk-through of a whole bunch of procedures,” he says. “After 30 days, they’re allowed to take level two. After another 30 days, they go through level three training. That’s the way we make sure that they really know how to care for the dogs.”

Unlike other chains, Dogtopia also has a partnership with Merck Pharmaceuticals, which is something that usually the vet clinics only have. Called Heroes for Healthy Pets, the partnership means that Dogtopia is a certified infectious disease management facility that understands how to prevent and treat disorders like hookworm, ringworm and others.

“Instead of putting your dog in a crate for your entire workday, you can drop your dog off from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays for a day of playing with other dogs and hanging out and having fun,” Mike says. “A lot of things we do focuses on exercise. Half of all dogs are obese because we overfeed them, so exercise is a key critical component. The second thing is the socialization component.” 

Another unique aspect about Dogtopia is that the facility has an animal behaviorist, veterinary scientist and environmental biologist all on staff. Dogtopia also has individualized training programs for dogs that may need behavior modification, but staff treats every dog as if it were their own.

“We make BFFFs: Best Furry Friends for life,” Mike says. “Your babies are our babies. Your dogs come home happy after having the most exciting day ever.”

For more information, or to take a tour, visit or visit at 3409 S. Broadway, Suite 950 in Edmond.