How Independent Agents Take the Hassle Out of Insurance

Do you know the difference between an independent insurance agent and a captive agent? 

Don’t worry; most people don’t. A captive agent is one who works for a chain insurance company while an independent agent works with numerous insurance vendors. What this means for customers is the real difference.

“A captive agent can only write policies that the particular company offers,” says Brad Martin, an independent agent with Fortis Insurance. “An independent agent can look at your various histories and credit to find policies and products that are a much better fit for you. As an independent agent, I work with 30 different carriers of house and auto products, and my job is to get the best policies by shopping around with those carriers.”

Brad says that having the freedom to work with numerous carriers means finding the best price and policy. For instance, he says, some carriers will not cover a family if they own a pit bull. Some don’t want to cover homes that have trampolines or diving boards.

“As an independent agent, I can match you with various carriers to cover what you need to be covered. If you are with a captive agent and their company doesn’t want to insure you because you have a diving board, you’re stuck,” he says. “We can also shop the best rates, see what fits your needs and choose the best policy with up to 30 different carriers.”

Independent agents also take the hassle out of yearly renewals and price comparisons.

“We are able to offer more than a lot of captive agents can,” Brad says. “We can find perfect coverage for everything from multi-million-dollar mansions to small-rent homes. It’s not about finding the cheapest price but finding the best policy for the best price.”