Hall Stewart Lawn & Landscape Shares Tips for the Perfect Spring Lawn

Hall Stewart is a professional lawn and landscape company in Oklahoma City committed to improving the environment through responsible landscape services. Owners Lorne Hall and Tom Stewart have more than 30 years of landscape experience each and offer services ranging from lawn and landscaping, lawn care applications, weed control, fertilizer application, tree and shrub care, aerating of lawns, outdoor insect control and more.

“Our goal is to be the local professional, responsive and knowledgeable company in Oklahoma City,” Lorne says. “There are lots of choices out there, and many are national. We are small, and we want to stay small. We want to care for Oklahoma City well when it comes to lawn care and landscaping.”

February gives just enough spring-like days to launch your lawn and landscape into bloom in March. If you are not prepared, it is easy to find yourself falling behind when the landscape is fully alive in April. For the best landscape curb appeal and outdoor enjoyment this summer, get outside this month and tackle these tasks:

Spring Lawn Maintenance – If you have not cut your lawn for the first time, do so as soon as possible. It is much easier to remove the winter-damaged leaf blades before the turf begins to green-up. 

Lawn Maintenance – If you have a fescue lawn, start mowing on a regular basis as soon as we get a full week of spring temperatures. Start your cool-season lawn off right by maintaining it at 2 to 3 inches. If you plan on maintaining a 2-inch level, don’t allow the lawn to grow past 3 inches without giving it a trim. If you have warm-season turf, Bermuda or zoysia, you can do scheduled mowing late March or early April.

Lawn Weed Control – If you have not applied a spring pre-emergent to your lawn yet, do so immediately. Summer annual weeds begin germinating when soil temperatures consistently reach 55 degrees. On the average, this occurs in mid- to late March in central Oklahoma. 

Bed Weed Control – March is an excellent month to apply a plant-safe pre-emergent to your landscape plantings. When possible, select a granular pre-emergent mixed with a fertilizer containing approximately 20 percent nitrogen. Doing so will give your plants a good spring feeding while preventing weeds at the same time.

Lawn Fertilization – Now is a good time to fertilize your cool-season lawns. Use a fertilizer with 25 to 30 percent nitrogen. Cool-season lawns need to be fed more in the spring and fall when they are actively growing and less in the summer. If you have a warm-season lawn, wait until the lawn begins to green-up before fertilizing. Late March to early April is often the right time to make the first fertilizer application on Bermuda and zoysia.

Spring Seasonal Color – Resist the temptation to plant summer annuals too early. If you do, you will be replacing them. Later this month is a good time to plant annuals for early summer. Add compost when planting. 

Seeding Fescue – March is the second-best time to overseed fescue, but it is a distant second to seeding in the fall. Spring seeded fescue will come up well and look good till the summer heat arrives; then it fades quickly. Fescue, being a cool-season grass, will not establish a sustainable root system when planted in the spring. Whenever possible, wait until fall to seed.

If you need help with lawn and landscape tasks, or just have a few questions, call Hall Stewart Lawn + Landscape at 405.367.3873.