Pamper Yourself with Gift Basket Ideas from Tin Lizzie’s

Walk into Tin Lizzie’s at 905 N. Broadway Ave. in downtown Oklahoma City, and you’ll find a gift shop and home store that harkens back to Oklahoma City’s old Automobile Alley days. In fact, the name itself hails from the Tin Lizzie old Ford Model T, which fits perfectly in the space that used to be an automobile repair shop in the city’s past decades.

Both country and antique chic, the quirky little store offers everything from home goods to self-care products to clothing and unique little bric-a-brac you can’t find anywhere else.

“I would say we are eclectic. We have a little bit of everything but really focus on gifts and home decor,” says Manager Chelsea Haecherl.

Julie Miller opened Tin Lizzie’s in Oklahoma City’s new Automobile Alley district in 2017.

“I love the restoration going on in Oklahoma City. I’ve lived here all my life, and this is exciting to me, and I wanted to be a part of that,” she says. “I love the old building. I love the feel and the look of it. We are a gift shop, but we are a place where you can find something that moves you or talks to you or something that is the perfect gift to enhance someone’s life.”

Tin Lizzie’s has hundreds of items to create the perfect gift basket, but here’s a suggestion for a “Pamper Yourself” basket made with signature items from the store.



1. Choose a unique basket or holder for your items. In this case, a unique planter was chosen that could find a second life holding plants or flowers.

2. Choose a selection of bath salts for the perfect soak in a nice hot tub. The Winton and Waits line also benefits survivors of sexual exploitation through the NetFW in Fort Worth.

3. Sugar scrub cubes can be added to get that extra soft skin.

4. An easy-to-read book is a delightful addition to a bath and body experience.

5. Decorative touches like dried flowers or glass hearts make the basket even sweeter.


1. Winton and Waits Lavender Bubble Bath, $36

2. Winton and Waits Lavender Salt Soak in small black package, $12

3. Winton and Waits Tonic Salt Soak, $32

4. Great Quotes from Great Women book, $15.95

5. Carved Sea Glass Heart, $29.99

6. Think Outside Art Rubadubdub Tub Small Planter, $175. This planter is made out of recycled 55-gallon drums by a sustainable art community in Vietnam which offers artists and locals in Vietnam work and a livable wage.

For more information, call 405.228.1014.