Creative Businesses Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

The Carpenters

Mark Gardner and his son, Christian, are artists. They are designers. They are craftsmen. 

Masters of designing and creating one-of-a-kind custom wood cabinets and doors, they also help people from Oklahoma and all over the nation to build their perfect home. 

“I started this business in 1980, and my father did this before me,” Mark says about his wood and carpentry craft. “In 2004, we changed the name of the business to Monticello Cabinets and Doors. We create dreams. We really do. We create dreams for people and bring to life things they’ve only dreamed about.”

Whether its designing a whole interior of a home or creating a special custom Old World door, Monticello Cabinets and Doors, located at 512 SW. Third St. in Oklahoma City, can create a signature look from concept to development. The team includes master carpenters with decades of experience that can work on any dream concept anyone can think of.

“We make everything here in-house, and we have equipment that no one else has,” Mark says. “When you come here, you find something you can’t find anywhere else. We specialize in European finishes too, and our specialized equipment allows us to make custom curves, moldings and shapes that no one else can do.”

In the 20,000-square-foot shop, Monticello Cabinets and Doors creates styles ranging from contemporary to transitional to Old World using a variety of materials, including reclaimed wood.

“It’s rare to have all the equipment and talent here on site,” Mark says. “We continue to create dreams.”

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The Craftsman

Since 1999, Vintage Reclaimed Lumber has supplied Oklahoma with one-of-a-kind material sourced from all over the United States. A favorite place to get reclaimed wood for DIYers, builders and enthusiasts looking to build something beautiful, Vintage Reclaimed Lumber supplies all types of products like boxcar wood, freightliner wood, live-edge wood, beams, timbers and old barn wood planks.

Annually, billions of board feet of usable wood are discarded, burned or destroyed along with the stories they represent. At VRL, the inventory includes species as varied as walnut, black oak, cottonwood, red oak, white oak, hemlock, sycamore and many more, slab or live edge form.

From flooring and wall/ceiling products milled from laminated oak and other hardwoods, rough sawn wood, barn wood, weathered wood, whole timbers from various sources and finish products including stains, waxes and sealers, VRL creates a second life for wood that already has a long, storied history.

The Garage Genie

Kent Anderson of Oklahoma City wanted to renovate his own garage. Like most people, he shopped at area home supply stores for wire racks and storage units but found they came up short.

“My shelves started sagging and couldn’t hold the weight,” he says. “I did an internet search and found the Monkey Bars Storage product, but there wasn’t a local dealer. So, I started a business.”

In 2008, Kent started Gorgeous Garages, LLC and has been changing the look of garages ever since. Using primarily the Monkey Bars Storage product, which is steel, Gorgeous Garages builds systems to store virtually anything up on the walls, off the walls and off the garage floor. Combine Monkey Bars garage shelving with accessories to expand the possibilities of the system, which are custom built to fit anyone’s garage and storage needs.

“You get all kinds of reactions from clients. I had one tell me, ‘You must have the best job in the world. You make people happy.’ And we do,” Kent says. “People have so much stuff in their garage, they can’t park their cars in it. A lot of people make their garages into man caves, woman caves or living spaces. I’ve done garages that have exercise equipment, kids’ playrooms or a TV space. It becomes a living space for some people.”

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The Metal Heads

At Architectural Metal Designs in Oklahoma City, the mundane transforms into the magical. 

Style may change, but classic design and creativity are timeless, according to owner Todd Miller. AMD specializes in functional, decorative metal that has become the standard for centuries, regardless of the shape it’s made into. Architectural Metal Design creates timeless metal elements for all areas of the home or business. 

If you envision a stair rail that looks like winding grapes, an entry gate filled with geometric and mid-century modern details or even any metal dream you can dream up, Architectural Metal Designs can make it happen to create something as unique as you are.

In affiliation with Old World Iron, AMD’s team of designers and fabricators are experts in not only designing specialized items, but also in getting down to the heart of what a designer or homeowner wants.

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