Salad Love 2

Coolgreens Shares Healthy Meals for the New Year

As the new year begins, many people look to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their daily routine. Coolgreens is just the place as it is a company that believes in food that fuels your life. 

Coolgreens has been serving house-made fresh salads, bowls, wraps, flatbreads and sandwiches to the Oklahoma City community since 2009. What started as one local store in Nichols Hills Plaza has grown to five locations serving Norman, downtown Oklahoma City, Nichols Hills, Quails Springs and Edmond. With locations opening in Tulsa and the DFW suburbs of Southlake and Plano coming this month, Coolgreens is poised to grow regionally throughout the Oklahoma/Texas markets on beyond.

Coolgreens offers nine signature salads, four signature brown rice/quinoa bowls along with five sandwiches and four flatbreads. With more than 35 unique salad ingredients, Coolgreens can satisfy almost any craving in a healthy, all-natural way to complement the most stringent New Year’s resolutions. All of Coolgreens’ menu offerings can be modified for any allergy or dietary preference, creating a flavorful salad, wrap, bowl, sandwich or flatbread.

Even better, you can try these salads at home!

California Cobb Salad


6 ounces romaine lettuce, rinsed under cold water

1 hard-boiled egg

1/2 avocado

2 tablespoons bacon bits

1/2 cup turkey

2 tablespoons blue cheese crumbles

1/4 cup grape tomatoes, sliced

2 tablespoons green onion ranch dressing


1. Chop romaine lettuce into 1-inch square pieces and place in a mixing or salad bowl

2. Dice hard-boiled egg, turkey and avocado and place on top of the romaine lettuce

3. Add sliced grape tomatoes and blue cheese crumbles and top with ranch dressing

4. Enjoy! (Serve the Coolgreens way: Toss all ingredients together prior to serving.)

Harvest Salad


5 ounces mixed greens

1 ounce arugula

1/4 cup green apple

1/4 cup Bartlett pear

1/4 cup dried figs

2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds

2 tablespoons goat cheese crumbles

1/2 teaspoon Chinese five-spice balsamic vinaigrette


1. Toss mixed greens and arugula in a mixing or salad bowl. 

2. Dice green apple, pear and dried figs and place on top of lettuce mixture. 

3. Add pumpkin seeds and goat cheese crumbles. 

4. Sprinkle Chinese five-spice over the top and dress with balsamic vinaigrette. 

5. Enjoy! (Serve the Coolgreens way: Toss all ingredients together prior to serving.) For a twist, add any seasonal fruit in place of pears or try other types of apples for different flavor.

California Bowl


3 ounces cooked brown rice

3 ounces cooked white quinoa

1/2 cup roasted chicken, diced or shredded

1/4 cup red bell pepper, diced

1/4 cup cucumber, diced, skin on or off

1/4 cup grape tomatoes, diced

1 tablespoon cilantro, chopped

1 teaspoon fresh Lime juice

Salt, to taste

6 pieces spiced or smoked pecans

1/4 avocado, sliced


1. Mix red bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, cilantro and lime juice in a small mixing bowl ensuring complete coverage of lime juice and cilantro. Salt to taste. 

2. Mix cooked rice and quinoa in a single serving bowl, the highest point in the center of the bowl. 

3. Evenly place vegetable mixture around the rice-quinoa blend. 

4. Place diced or shredded chicken on top of the rice-quinoa mixture in the center of the bowl. 

5. Evenly distribute pecan pieces around the rim of the bowl, top with sliced avocado and serve. For a twist, try different seasonings with your chicken for a different flavor. Some of our favorites are sriracha or taco seasoning.