Automation, Technology, Distracted Driving: Three Changing Trends for 2019 2

Shelton Insurance Explains How New Trends Affect Auto Insurance Rates

Technology is ever-evolving, and the technology that affects auto insurance is no different. Win Shelton, owner/agent of Shelton Insurance and Financial Services, says three big trends to watch in 2019 include the push for more face-to-face interaction with your agent, how data mining affects your rates and continued technology to reduce distracted driving.

In a world where a person can do everything over the internet or through an app, having real-life interaction with your agent will become more important, he says.

“You have different segments of customers. Some want to have face-to-face meetings, and some don’t want to talk to a person at all and want to do everything over the internet,” Win says. “We try to accommodate everyone on their preferences, but the unfortunate thing is that people who don’t want to deal with a real person are sometimes not as versed on insurance as they want to be.”

When Win calls a customer to go over their policy annually, he does face hesitation.

“People think you’re trying to trick them or sell them something. That’s not the case. As your agent, my job is to inform you about your policy and changes in the industry. I’m working on your behalf,” he says.

Distracted driving remains the leading cause of accidents in the United States. Because people have smartphones with them nearly 24/7, the habit of checking texts or emails while driving has become a big concern. New technology in 2019 may change that.

“We have seen a big increase in accidents caused by distracted driving, and so have auto manufacturers,” Win says. “Car manufacturers are putting software in cars now that can prevent cell phone use while driving or give you the option to turn cells on and off. That should have an impact.”