Custom Sauna in Custom Home Beats the Winter Chill

When Josh Lewis of Edmond was designing his new custom-built, ultra-modern home at Oaktree in Edmond with Matteson Homes, he wanted one addition that was unique.

Josh, who works out at least five times a week, loved the sensation of sitting in a sauna after a big workout but hated the soggy drive home afterward.

“Most gyms have saunas, and I hated driving home after sitting in the sauna, and I thought, ‘I wish I could do this at home,'” he says. “I wanted to see if it could be done, and it could.”

Josh’s modern, contemporary, four-bedroom, five-bathroom, 4,200-square-foot home was designed to include amenities that would keep him at home as a single father. Although the original floor plan did not include a sauna, he found a way to make it happen.

“We have done two saunas in eight or nine years,” says Amy Matteson of Matteson Homes. “It’s pretty unique. I think you’ll see more incorporated into the homes now, though. Spaces like saunas and home gyms are becoming more popular.”

Josh’s 10-by-5-foot sauna space is attached to his master bathroom, giving easy access to the shower. Decked out in red cedar that withstands heat and moisture, the sauna also reaches temperatures of 220 degrees, a jump from the usual 180 degrees.

“Yeah, it’s pretty hot. You don’t last that long in that temperature,” Josh says. “Saunas are good for your overall health and fitness. Just 10 minutes four times a week can take years off. I’m in the sauna more than that, though.”

In addition to the hot room, the 2018 home also incorporates a raised office in the back of the house that overlooks the pool. The sauna itself is an extension of the shower, giving Josh the ability to walk straight from sauna to shower. And although it’s an added expenditure, once constructed, a sauna adds value to the home, requires very little upkeep and can provide many health benefits.

“My home was on the Parade of Homes, and the sauna really had a wow factor,” Josh says. “I think having a sauna in the house is unheard of in this part of the country.”


Red cedar lines the sauna and is a traditional building material that withstands heat and moisture.