Climb into Fitness for the Holidays 4

Need Motivation to Work on Holiday Indulgence? Climbing Is Fitness for the Whole Family

Despite our worst fears, the average American really only gains about one pound during the holiday season. Althought that doesn’t sound like much, if you gain that extra pound year after year, those holiday indulgences can add up.

Plenty of options exist in Oklahoma City for squeezing in some healthy activities like Turkey Day 5Ks, workout classes or a good old-fashioned walk in the woods, but climbing could become the holiday tradition and fitness your whole family can get behind.

According to, climbing can burn up to 700 calories an hour based on body weight and intensity, but it’s also a fun activity for all ages. John Tarkington of Threshold Climbing Gym and Fitness says families can come into Oklahoma City’s newest and most state-of-the-art climbing gym for beginner classes, bouldering and training, but also for fitness classes like yoga and HIIT and even use the traditional exercise room.

“We have around 200 routes and bouldering here,” John says. “I would say people’s first introduction to climbing gyms aren’t for fitness but for entertainment, but you get a whole-body workout. Instead of going to a gym and slapping on headphones, climbing is quite unique and exhilarating. It’s something the whole family can do.”

With enthusiasts aged 5 to 82, Threshold Climbing Gym and Fitness climbing classes are geared more toward beginners and intermediates but also offers challenges for experienced climbers too. Threshold has 20,000 square feet of strategic climbing facilities, so every level can enjoy a holiday climb that’s social and great for whole body fitness, John says.

Though closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas days, Threshold is also offering additional fitness classes this fall. For information, visit