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Robert Baxter Electric Gives Tips on How to Dress Up a Home with Lighting

Robert Baxter, owner of Robert Baxter Electric, knows his lighting. As a decades-long expert, Robert has seen how lighting can dress up a home much like how a signature piece of jewelry or a handbag can really dress up an outfit.

Robert, now 68, has been an electrical contractor since he was 18. At age 22, he earned his journeyman’s license in half the time it usually takes, and at 26, he earned his contractor’s license. Robert started Baxter Electric in Oklahoma City and quickly became the largest electrical contracting business in the state.

“I had 30 trucks and 80 employees,” he says. “In 2012, I wanted to retire, so I sold the company. But I got so bored in retirement, that I went back into business, this time as Robert Baxter Electric.”

Robert Baxter Electric specializes in everything electrical, but especially service and repair work. If a client needs surge protection, he does that. But mostly, Robert knows how to make a home look beautiful through lighting.

One way to really dress up the outside of a house is to install outside lighting that highlights the corners of the residence or to install lights that shine down on the corners of the house.

Spotlight lighting also works inside a home. For instance, Juno Lighting offers a framing projector that is set on a track with levers. Homeowners can “frame” art in light by adjusting the levers on the framing projector.

“LED is also a big thing now,” he says. “It costs more but will last 10 years. A good rule of thumb with lighting is that the darker the wood in a home, the more you need lighting. You can also set the mood of a room by using dimmers, which I love.”

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