Salon Exclusive Stylists Say Fall Is the Perfect Time for a New Look

When Lori Miller and Braxton Banks started Salon Exclusive a little more than two years ago, they wanted to focus on offering hair services with education backing it up. Both Lori and Braxton worked for other salons for years and became friends. and Lori had more than a decade of business experience while Braxton had specialization as a Hair Dreams expert.

“We were ready to work in a more intimate environment,” Lori says. “The way we hire staff here is we choose stylists who specialize in different things. For instance, we have people who specialize in the Deva Curl technique, which is a specialized way of cutting curly hair. We have experts in hair extensions and experts in Goldwell color system.”

As summer winds down, Lori says now is the perfect time to freshen up color, cuts and style. Many people opt out of styling in the summer due to the elements, so September is ideal for a new, hip look.

Why is fall a good time to visit Salon Exclusive?

Fall is a good time because, over the summer, your hair could get worn, dried out or faded. Plus, you’re going into a time where you are wearing more clothes and layers, so a shorter style is great. You can clean up the hair and cut off the dead parts. In the summer, people tend to grow out their hair and wear a lot of ponytails, so fall is a perfect time to fresh up with a fun, edgy cut.

Tell me about the stylists at Salon Exclusive.

We have stylists who are really skilled at cutting and styling hair. It’s really important for someone who is struggling with their hair to investigate the skills and training of their stylists. A stylist should not only cut your hair but teach you how to style it as well. People don’t realize that in Oklahoma, stylists are not required to have continuing education to renew their licenses, and that’s a huge deal. We require education about once a week, and we invest a lot of money to make sure our staff is trained correctly. We bring in educational trainers and send them out of state to get training on different techniques.

Color is hot right now. What color trends are you seeing?

We are a Goldwell exclusive salon, and the reason that is so important is that it’s a good quality hair color. Nothing compares to the quality. It’s more of an investment for us, but we think it’s worth it. We still have people who want traditional hair coloring, but we have a lot of clients who like to follow the trends. We have stylists who do balayage, a technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect. It’s a softer, more natural look, even if the color isn’t natural.

What about hair extensions?

Hair extensions have come a long way. We have traditional extensions and hairpiece extensions that are adhered to the hair in a certain way that grows with your hair. We use several different types of extensions like Hair Dreams, which Braxton is specialized in. That uses tiny strands that are attached using a machine, which is a much quicker process. All our extensions are human hair, and you can do as much or as little as you want. If maintained, it can last several months. If you’re more concerned with total investment, tape-in extensions are wonderful, and you can save a little money that way.

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