OKC's Male Movers & Shakers 1

Men Making a Difference in Oklahoma City


Joe Carter, Director of Donor Development, Oklahoma City Community Foundation

Joe Carter, director of Donor Development and Planned Giving Services at Oklahoma City Community Foundation, has more than 27 years of experience in higher education and nonprofit fundraising for organizations in the areas of major gifts and planned giving. For the past 15 years, he has been with the OCCF, the last 13 in the role of assisting donors and organizations with planned giving.

Joe has oversight on all development activities with a focus on educating and working with professional advisers and their clients on structuring philanthropic plans that best meet the donor’s charitable goals and objectives.

He currently serves on the board of the Oklahoma Association of Charitable Gift Planners and is a member of the OKC Estate Planning Council.


Andy Moore, Executive Director, Let’s Fix This Inc.

Andy Moore started the grassroots political activist movement in the spring of 2016, but with a background in public health, he’s no stranger to bringing the public together. He worked as a marriage counselor, and for the past nine years, has been at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center as the clinic administrator of the Infectious Diseases Institute, which hosts the state’s largest and most comprehensive HIV/AIDS treatment program.

“Let’s Fix This provides training, education and opportunities for people to build positive relationships with their elected officials,” he says. “With Let’s Fix This, it’s been amazing to see people begin to engage in local politics, to ask questions about how and why our state does things the way we do, and to brainstorm ways that we can do it better.”


Brent Gibson, Owner, Brent Gibson Classic Home Design

Brent Gibson is owner of Brent Gibson Classic Home Design in Edmond, a residential and commercial design firm established in the metro for more than 28 years.

But, this designer has a passion that goes beyond, but still includes, building.

“We are involved with the Gary Sinise Foundation and Wounded Warriors project, and have contributed home designs for the families of wounded soldiers,” he says. “We are also involved with The University of Central Oklahoma and provide music scholarships for students.”

The one thing that drives Brent is his desire see other people succeed and be successful in their endeavors.

“I like to help others by being an encourager and being there for them,” he says. “That is what makes me happy.”


Hank Kraft III, Chief Operating Officer, Hal Smith Restaurants

Hank Kraft III, chief operating officer of Hal Smith Restaurants (HSA), joined Steak & Ale Restaurant Corporation as director of new concepts in 1981. He returned to Oklahoma City, and, in 1992, Hank and Hal Smith teamed up and formed Hal Smith Restaurants, which includes Charleston’s, Redrock Canyon Grill, Mahogany Prime Steakhouse and more.

He also champions causes, serving as board member for the Civic Center Foundation, the Oklahoma Restaurant Association and FCA.

“Every HSR store is part of a community, and we’re committed to making positive changes,” Hank says. “Our employees dedicate their time and energy to a specific Community Impact Project (CIP) to help their community thrive. We encourage everyone to get involved. Our strength in numbers and our positive attitudes are sure to leave a lasting impact.”


Dustin Chilcoat, Owner, Monte Cristo Ironworks and Eco World Building

Dustin Chilcoat of Monte Cristo Ironworks and Eco World Building is an entrepreneur who aims his global perspective for local impact.

Global experiences impacted Dustin and fueled his desire to travel, work and live in cultures outside of his own. His time in the Middle East working with Lead International and forming ILC solidified his drive to apply new ideas to daily life and business. He also serves at camps like Falls Creek and Camp Classen and devotes time to organizations focusing on sustainability like the U.S. Green Building Council of Oklahoma.

“My faith and belief that I’ve been called to serve and not to be served propels me to find ways to make a positive impact serving people not just like me, but those who might be considered outsiders,” Dustin says.