How to Start Running the Smart Way 13

Beginning Runners Can Improve Through Proper Stretching, Gear

Red Coyote Running and Fitness is a specialty fitness store with locations in Edmond and Oklahoma City. It focuses on providing the best gear, training and help for runners in the metro. Red Coyote is the only store in OKC to utilize free slow motion video gait analysis in the shoe-fitting process.

Best Stretches for Runners

The Runner’s Lunge

Step your right foot forward next to your right pinky finger. Let hips and back sink toward the ground. Breathe and hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides.

Quad Stretch

Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart, pull your abdominals in, and relax your shoulders. Bend your left leg, bringing your heel toward your butt, and grasp your left foot with your right hand. Repeat on left side.

Planked Calf Stretch

Get into the plank position with your palms flat on the ground while standing on your tiptoes. Push your body forward—using your toe strength—as far as possible. Then, push back as far as possible until you feel the tension in your calves. Do three sets.

Hamstring Stretch

Sit fully back and extend your left leg. Place your hands on your right knee and round your back while lowering your chest toward the extended foot. Repeat on the other leg.

Custom-fit shoe based on video analysis

A gait analysis at Red Coyote determines what shoes would work best for every runner. Having a shoe like Brooks that works best for a runner’s gait can help prevent injuries.

Body Glide

Body Glide will protect you from chafed skin caused by rubbing with a dry, invisible barrier.

Balega Hidden Comfort Socks

Balega Hidden Comfort Socks are no-show socks with a deep heel so that they won’t slip into your shoe. A heel tab prevents the shoe from rubbing against heels.

Amphipod phone carrier

Keep your smartphone secure while running with the Amphipod phone carrier and AirFlow Microstretch Waistpack.

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Water Bottle

The Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated Water Bottle keeps your water cold throughout the run, and the hand strap has a pocket for your keys.