Hot Spots for Guys 17

Sports, Food, Scotch Combine for Oklahoma City’s Best Place to Hang with the Guys

Oklahoma City is home to some great hot spots for guys to hang out, socialize and have some fun. Top Golf and Bad Axe Throwing, for instance, add a bit of competition and sport to a typical guy’s night out while Scissors and Scotch allows for a more luxurious and relaxed atmosphere of grooming and drinks.


So whether you want an adrenaline-fueled day with the boys or a night of enjoying scotch and conversation, we’ve got three top picks of places to have some fun.

Bad Axe Throwing is a great place for guys to meet up and hang out because throwing axes at a target is naturally a social sport.


“It’s similar to bowling and darts but with more adrenaline! It’s active without being over the top or having any previous athletic ability,” Melanie St-Amour, marketing and development coordinator, says. “It’s an activity that’s social, casual and active all at the same time. It’s in a chill environment that’s not in a bar setting.


A perfect day for a group of guys at Bad Axe Throwing would be to come in for a private group booking event. One of our professionally trained ax throwing coaches will show you how to throw axes, host games and run a round-robin tournament to crown the ultimate ax throwing champion!”

Scissors and Scotch, Oklahoma City’s newest men’s grooming salon, offers a full lounge separate from the barbershop. This allows Scissors and Scotch to present relaxing, one-on-one service in the barbershop and a fun and social environment in the lounge.


“We have roughly 70 whiskeys on our shelves and craft beers on tap from many local breweries, and we can pour some pretty stellar cocktails as well,” owner Kyle Raney says. “Schedule in advance so your group can get in around the same time for a service. Then, hang out in the lounge, enjoy a few cocktails or craft beers with your boys while you watch a game on one of our four TVs without the racket of a sports bar.”

Topgolf is a great place to meet up and hang out with its full-service restaurant and bars in the 100-plus climate-controlled hitting bays. From the obvious choice of golf to pool tables, Topgolf also offers live entertainment throughout the summer.

Private event spacing is available for groups starting as low as 12 guests, and Topgolf offers private and group lessons for all ages.


“A perfect day at Topgolf for a group of guys would be coming out and grabbing a drink, some of our mouthwatering food, watching their favorite team and playing golf—all while never having to worry about getting up to get anything because our bay hosts are there to take care of each of our guests 100 percent,” Nathan Packer, marketing manager, says.