Working Spaces Can Add Soft, Relaxing Touches to Boost Productivity

Tracee Strong, owner of Nuvo Home at 9235 N. Pennsylvania Ave., believes a working office space doesn’t have to be cold or impersonal. In fact, the odd and unique little items that are special to a woman can turn a home office into a space that is relaxing, pleasurable and functional.

Tracee’s office in the modern farmhouse home she designed at 19708 Millstone Crossing Drive includes standout items from her store, like the juju hat and ox skull, but also items of sentimental value, like the vintage leather flask and gold briefcase that belonged to her father.

“You should enjoy being where you live and work,” Tracee says. “I believe that if you have a beautiful space, you are more productive. As a designer, I’m driven by visual inspiration like Instagram and Pinterest. I just think about what makes me happy, and I created my style from that.”

With delicate soft touches like the velvet Iris Chairs and the Moroccan poofs, the rough wood console table and rounded office items blend for a look that’s not just feminine, but functional as well.

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"I don’t try to be super-girly, but I just get all the things I love and bring them together."