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Women’s Jewelry Goes Back to Basics with Elegance at BC Clark

This season, women’s fine jewelry is going back to an age of simple elegance. Trends in women’s sparkles see a return to simple design, layering of different metals and styles, the rise of colored gemstones and sophistication inspired by red carpet royalty.

Courtney Buechle, BC Clark digital marketing specialist, shares the hottest styles for women this spring.

“We are seeing the return of solid gold hoops, but they never go out of style,” she says. “But this season, they seem to be much bigger than before.”

Layering of delicate necklaces is also a new trend inspired by the world’s most famous female celebrities.

“You can layer three to four delicate pieces together. Another trend is stacking rings,” Courtney says. “Colored gemstones and colored diamonds are big, and some of these stacking rings pull in those colored gemstones.”

Lariat necklaces are finally getting their season in the sun this spring, she adds. Although high-end jewelry stores have carried lariats for several seasons, the popularity of the style has finally gone mainstream.

“You see this a lot on the red carpet,” she says. “They look great with plunging necklines.”

Finally, mixing different metals together like sterling silver, gold and rose gold brings a bit of daring adventure to the season’s treasures.

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