Daughter-Father Team Gives Urban Trees the Love they Need

Jostlin Vanzant didn’t particularly love trees, even though her father, Koree Vanzant, owned and operated Arbor Image Tree Care. All she knew was she didn’t want to work an indoor office job, and she loved the outdoors.

But after five years as a nutritionist for the tree care company, she’s developed a love for all things trees.

“I pretty much learned everything from my dad,” she says. “I loved being outdoors. I didn’t really care about trees before, but after working with trees and learning about them, I’ve developed a real passion for trees. I enjoy the science and learning about them and the twists they sometimes throw your way. Every day, I learn more and love trees more.”

Now second in command, Jostlin follows in her dad’s footsteps to be a business owner and an expert on trees. As the primary tree nutritionist, Jostlin does everything from feeding trees the nutrition they need during the spring and fall to laying down dormant oils to help trees stay healthy in winter and treat for insects and fungus that harm trees in the summer. And she loves every second of it. 

“If you do a comparison between trees in the forest and urban trees, you’ll find those environments are two different things,” she says. “We overwater and overfertilize, and trees aren’t getting the nutrition they usually get in a natural setting. What we do is put nutrition back into the soil that the trees need in order to thrive.”

Arbor Image Tree Care began eight years ago in Oklahoma City and fills what Koree says is a void in the city.

“There was a void in the market in tree health, nutrition and maintenance,” he says. “Everyone loves their trees, so we want to keep them healthy.”

For more information, visit TheArborImage.com.