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Hormonal Health is Cornerstone for Dr. Noel Williams in OKC

Though renowned for the care of women’s issues and the hormonal care for women, Optimal Health Associates’ Dr. Noel Williams says men’s hormonal health is as important and can be life-changing as well.

Williams, who specializes in general gynecological and specialized care of menopausal issues, also provides hormonal health in men and women and serves as a referral practice for complex health issues. He supports patients on their journey through menopause and guides others on the path of hormonal replacement therapy.

“I wanted to help people, which is why I enjoy my work 28 years later,” he says.

Williams developed his expertise and experience in complex hormonal health issues, and, after 24 years in practice, he has more than 125,000 patient visits to his name. His experience as the originator of hormonal medicine in Oklahoma provides an unequaled knowledge and expertise in this area, he says.

“What really drives me is the desire to help people and to change lives for the better,” Williams says. “The best part about being a doctor in Oklahoma City is the kindness and friendliness of the patients.”

More and more, Williams is also focusing on men’s health and hormonal care. Whether fatigue, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, loss of sex drive or a combination of these, Williams works with each patient to discuss specific needs and develop a plan to treat those health concerns. The plans can be a combination of hormone replacement therapy, supplements or laboratory work.

Hormones are produced by the glands in the body and are responsible for regulating the body’s functions and making everything run smoothly. However, it’s natural for men’s testosterone levels to decrease as they get older, and hormone therapy replaces what is naturally missing.

The natural decrease of this hormone in men typically doesn’t affect overall health any more than the aging process does, but the significance of a testosterone level decrease can affect quality of life, Williams says.

“My job is to listen to patients and then fix their problems,” Williams says.

For more information on hormonal care for women and men, visit OptimalHealthAssociates.com.