Chad Hemphill Construction Homes Combine Clean Lines with Warming Touches

Both Ashley and Chad Hemphill, the husband-and-wife team of Chad Hemphill Construction, have a love of contemporary design, but with a touch of warmth and strong touches that bring elements together.

In their recent creation, a 5,372-square-foot rough contemporary home in Esperanza North, the Hemphills created a living space that features a wide, open feel that incorporates the clean lines of contemporary with warming touches like natural stone, light wood flooring, an integrated fireplace and touches of wood ceiling and walls. 

“We are contemporary builders and designers, but we create a space that’s not so cold,” Chad says. “We bring in the warmth of nature, but we also like to be a little different with little touches like lighting. I’d call this neutral contemporary.”

The Esperanza home at 15605 Via Sierra is also family-oriented in design. The family room, living room, dining room and kitchen are centralized in one large area to encourage family time.

“We’ve really transitioned to a family-oriented center for the homes we build,” Chad says. “We are family-oriented, and we love spending time with our kids.”

Working with Brent Gibson Classic Home Design of Oklahoma City, the Hemphills are known as the “contemporary” builders. Ashley takes her love of color and texture to design the interior of the homes, using little touches to draw the designs together. Utilizing the surrounding views of the neighborhoods is also important, and each floor-to-ceiling window is strategically placed to show off the neighborhood.

“We are definitely fans of rough contemporary,” Ashley says “You can create contemporary styles with warmth. We love the views in this home, and every window in the home captures the available views, like the pool or the lake. This style is definitely a new trend.”