Diversified Lending Group Takes Personal Look for Personal Touch

In August 2016, Chad Caplinger, vice president of production for Diversified Lending Group LLC, talked to a young mother about buying a home for her family.

The woman lived in a two-bedroom rental house with her husband and two children, but she also had a couple credit challenges on her record. Caplinger isn’t a credit repair professional, but he knows credit reports and how they work.

“I talked her through what she needed to do,” Caplinger says. “She took my recommendations, and she did what she had to do. In October, she came back to me and qualified for a home loan. On Christmas Day of that year, I got a text from her of a picture of her and her family in front of their Christmas tree in their new home. It said ‘Thank you for a great Christmas.’

“That’s typical of what we can do. We rarely say no when it comes to lending. Most of the time, our focus is on when it can happen, not ‘no, it can’t.'”

Because Diversified Lending Group, based in Texas, is a small operation, it can maneuver quickly where larger, national lending companies cannot. In addition, relationships become integral to the success of not just the company, but its clients as well.

“We are more laid-back. We bring people in, sit them down and talk about what their goals are,” Caplinger says. “We do residential loans, financing, refinancing and new construction. But my biggest advice is to listen to your lender. Our biggest challenge is that people come in, and we walk them through the process, but it goes in one ear and out the other. Also, people may have expectations that aren’t true. They assume that they need 20 percent down to buy a home, but we have lending as low as 1 percent, 3 percent, 4 percent.”

Being a community and small lending company means more flexibility. While many large companies or banks cannot work with a credit score in the 580 range, Diversified Lending Group can. 

“We want to be your partner for life. We want customers to turn to us year after year when they have lending concerns,” Caplinger says. “We have that ability to be one-on-one.”

For more information, visit DiversifiedLendingGroup.com.