Rules Fly Out the Window With Men’s Accessories

Ask Loren Wilson, The Ambassador Shop’s owner, what the rules of men’s fashion are, and he’ll tell you that rules are a thing of the past. Thanks to a younger, fearless generation, men are embracing bold colors, clashing patterns and wild styles as they dress for the office. 

“The trends are changing,” he says. “It used to be that you would put a patterned tie with a solid shirt. Now, it’s all about the patterns and tying those together through color. We’re mixing shirts and ties, and if you can take a basic suit and change the shirt and tie, then you have five or six different outfits!”

Little touches like high-end, one-size-fits-all belts, fun bow ties, flashy socks and mismatched pocket squares can also add pizzazz to a plain suit.

“All the rules are broken,” Wilson says. “It’s all about getting people out of their comfort zone to try a new style.”

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