Serving up 
Breakfast, Coffee 
and Puns

Ever heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

It is, but more importantly, breakfast is the most versatile meal. Spicy, savory, sweet, pancakes, biscuits, muffins, oatmeal, grits, eggs, potatoes, steak, bacon, sausage, vegetables, fruit, syrup, salsa, jam, the list is endless! What if a full coffee and cocktail bar had jokes and fun thrown into the mix?

That’s Neighborhood Jam, the latest boutique breakfast phenomenon in Edmond. Patrons frequently “eat here twice a day,” owner Michael Kraft says. “They’re on their way to work, or come in with their kids and head off. Then, they’ll come back here for business, and it’s not the same restaurant or the same taste.”

While everyone knows breakfast for dinner feels special, Michael has uncovered a secret: Oklahomans enjoy it all day, every day, even for lunch. The OKC metro was nailing “the nice brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, but no one was doing it full time like we do,” he says, as he explains his reasons for choosing breakfast fare. “[We serve] full coffee, full cocktails and food actually made from scratch. With breakfast, you don’t have to pick a cuisine like a lunch or dinner place has to.”

Their menu offers such a variety that anyone can locate a favorite. Three twists on plain pancakes include the Pineapple Bourbon, Looney and Ya Yas. The Pineapple Bourbon pancakes are fresh and light making it easy to eat several. The Looney Cakes mimic a carrot cake complete with cream cheese frosting. Ya Yas utilize the natural flavor of sweet potatoes, drizzled with a salty/sweet butter.

A lover of architecture and conceptual design, Michael’s four-month-old gem incorporates a modern farmhouse, industrial style. Walls are lined with humor and even walking to the bathroom brings a giggle.

“The first meal of the day is supposed to be fun,” he says, surrounded by puns, quotes and doublespeak. “That’s just part of me.”

With dishes named Decadent Pig, Lazy Man and an entire Benny (eggs Benedict) section, the laughs during decision time can’t be helped. One of their most popular items, the Hot Jam Biscuit, features a homemade biscuit spread with jalapeño peach jam, a perfectly spiced chicken breast and an egg with a side of hash browns. 

Community and eating local are imperative to the business. Michael could have opened up Neighborhood Jam in Mississippi, where he attended college and majored in hospitality, but he chose to return home because “Oklahoma is community. Oklahoma is home. We have over 30 local purveyors and are always making an effort to be local. It’s not hard, and it isn’t always more expensive.”

Neighborhood Jam meets the needs of the “breakfast elevated” genre, as he calls it and everything on the menu is elevated except the prices.

“There’s a massive demand, and we’re trying to fill it.”

Because they close at 2:30 p.m., the space transforms into an event center and can be rented out for private evening events. Plans are in the works to open a second location in Norman in late spring.

“Some people wake up grumpy in the morning, so we give them great coffee and puns.”

And one must never underestimate the power of caffeine and humor when paired together.

Check out their menu online