Customized, Stylish Wood and Metal Designs

Customization. Everything these days seems customizable from the roast beef at the delicatessen to the font on your business card, to the precise number of vanilla pumps in a morning caramel macchiato from Starbucks. But what does it mean to customize? When friends and family gather around the dining room table, the table is functional, but is it beautiful? Can it communicate “home?”

Todd Miller believes it can. He recognizes the difference between factory-made and custom-made. There’s an “intimacy involved in a residential application [to design]. People are going to live there and experience the work you did, up close, for perhaps, decades,” he says. “That’s quite a responsibility when you think about it in those terms.”

. All utilize a customer’s needs, desires, personality and budget to create a piece worth using and loving over the long haul.

Todd nostalgically recalls pieces he’s worked on in the past, saying it might be “the crisp starkness of a contemporary railing that resonates with me. Other times it’s .. the inconsistency, yet appreciable beauty of scrollwork that took weeks to forge by hand. It could even be the way lighting in a particular home falls on a something we made.”

The factory mindset seeks to stamp out the unique qualities of wood and metal works. Genuine customization offers the opposite. It offers authenticity.

The design process begins with a meeting of the minds. Clients and design team members gather to discuss, cast vision, ask effective questions and map out a plan of action. Often, a customer may recognize what they don’t want: a factory manufactured product.

With Todd’s team, customers fill the role of co-creating artistic, useful pieces. He realizes not everyone has a natural design sense.

“Very often we become surrogate designers and decorators to them in a sense,” he says. “They count on us to help them bring their ideas to life in their home, and we are happy to fill that gap when its necessary.” 

Having an advocate that knows the space in which the finished product will live is powerful.  

Although locations in the Oklahoma City metro are expedient for shipping and economics, Todd recognizes the true beauty of the state. 

“The people here are absolutely the best,” he says. “In all of my travels I’ve seen, firsthand, how insulated and protective so many communities and people are. It’s just somehow different in Oklahoma.

“I’m an Okie. My roots are here. My family is here. My heart is here.”

Todd is quick to recognize an extremely long list of participants and leaders within his growing crew who join to develop and run each business.  

“It takes so long to find the right people,” he says. “It takes real commitment on their part to care enough about our businesses that they take ownership.”

And that’s precisely what he’s done. His skilled carpenters and craftsmen provide quality, individual attention.

Because of the overuse of the word “custom,” the bar is being raised in terms of fabrication. With the heart of high-quality wood and metal applications, Todd’s businesses are helping to redefine the standard. Craftsmanship matters. Style matters. Process matters.