Shades of Gray 6

Choosing the Right Paint Can Make a Tired Home Look New

Having the right exterior and interior paint on a newly purchased home can make all the difference in whether a home looks tired or dated or not.

When Ray the Painter experts were called to refurbish the look of a home purchase in Edmond, that difference all came down to shades of gray. 

Ray the Painter, an Oklahoma City-based paint and refurbishment company, was hired to redo not only the kitchen paint for the new North Edmond home but also refinish other key areas of the home, including an exercise room.

“A fresh color of paint changes everything,” Amy Wewers, current president and owner of Ray the Painter, says.

“New paint can bring a room back to life and help you fall back in love with your house again.”

For the new homeowners, a little gray goes a long way in changing the look and feel of their fashionable new home.


In 1991, Ray M. Wolf had a dream to create a painting business, so he bought a few rollers and brushes and asked everyone he knew if they needed anything painted. Over the next decade or so, Ray’s talent and professionalism helped his business grow, and Ray the Painter became a successful company. While Ray the Painter specialized in exterior and interior paint, the company also did everything from refinishing cabinets and furniture, working drywall and texturing and other refurbishing tasks.

In 2009, Ray passed away after his brief struggle with cancer, and in December 2012, Amy purchased Ray the Painter from Ray’s wife, Mary. Amy was no stranger to the painting industry. She started working at Ray the Painter in 2001 and worked her way up from painter to lead painter, crew leader, estimator, president and eventually, owner.

When she purchased the company, it operated out of a 2,400-square-foot facility. In June 2014, she purchased a 7,000-square-foot double warehouse and also added two vehicles to the fleet.

She also hired the services of a business coach that specialized in paint businesses.

“We’ve continued to grow from there,” Amy says. “When we were called into this job, the new homeowner had just purchased the house and didn’t like the gray in the kitchen. We worked with him to discover what exactly he wanted, and we went from there.”


The home, a large traditional French-style home on the exterior, needed a modern interior, according to the new homeowner. Ray the Painter refinished the kitchen walls and cabinets in a lighter, violet-gray and refinished the kitchen island and vent hood, which also had a spice rack built into it.

“It was a very cool vent hood,” Amy says. “We refinished that large hood vent over the stove in a creamy white and then painted the island to a matching gray for the rest of the kitchen.”

A hutch in the dining room was changed from a blue color to a caviar shade, and the adjoining utility room was also given a matching shade of gray to complement the kitchen. 

“We also did all the walls to match an existing navy blue accent wall in the workout room, and painted the upstairs bathroom as well,” she says. “I think we were in there for about 10 days.”

Working with the paint experts means more than just picking out colors, however. 

“When we work with customers, we get with them to discover their style, what they do like in the home and what they want to work on,” she says. “Grays are really popular now, and so is navy blue. But it comes down to getting an idea of the homeowner’s personality and going with what they like.”

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