Say Yes to Fitness in 2018 7

FitCamp 180 Can Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Fit on Track

Oklahomans like to smile. We optimistically smile at the new year, making promises to ourselves to eat right, work out and lose weight. The reputation of many is to enthusiastically sign up for a gym membership in January and quit by February.

It’s true that exercise requires time and effort and that many products exist to draw us away from the commitment to work out. Foods like ice cream or a warm bialy—aka a fancy doughnut—on a cold morning come to mind. But smiles aren’t always associated with the foods that bring pleasure.

This year, smiles can be found during the workouts at FitCamp180 in Edmond. Not only are the workouts a blast, but founder/owner Shawn Busby and co-owner Travis Grimm combine a high-intensity environment with a supportive and uncommonly loving culture.

January may typically be known for drawing in more healthy-living commitments only to find failure one month later, but this year that nagging desire to be more healthy is not destined to end in disappointment. This year will be different because FitCamp180 is catalyzing a trend that began in 2017 and continues to sweep down the plain in 2018.

So, say hello to the trends of 2018 and goodbye to all the complicated equipment and awkwardness of staring into the mirror while performing that bicep curl for the 20th time. Say hello to FitCamp180!

High-Intensity Interval Training

While this may sound intimidating to some, modifications are made for all ages and situations. Members include pregnant women, those who are 70+, people with a history of injury or limitations and members who began their journey at 300+ pounds.

This approachable method uses the fitness level of the user and greatly improves their quality of life in a short period of time. Time-efficient, the high-intensity workout combines weights and resistance training in what FitCamp180 has coined Cardio Integrated Circuit Training.

According to Travis, FitCamp180’s training utilizes the “best of both worlds: cardio and weightlifting.”

Maintaining elevated heart rates throughout the session “maximizes fat burn,” he says. Building muscle, endurance and improvement in strength are achieved through the “nonstop and high energy [workout]. It makes the workout fun and exciting!”

As the official training facility of the Oklahoma City Thunder Girls, you can bet the energy is truly contagious.


Going to the gym alone is a thing of the past. The old ways of staring into a mirror, flexing, hoping to connect with someone—preferably an attractive someone—are over! A deep desire to belong and connect is satisfied in the presence of other members linking arms and facing common goals. It’s a group mentality.

Whether the goals include losing weight or simply staying fit, the challenges are in the mind as well as the body. So having others around during temptations or weak moments can dramatically affect a person’s decisions. FitCamp180’s community-based fitness model works to unify members because true change cannot happen in a vacuum.

No one is alone at FitCamp180. A loving group of friends moves through what can be an emotionally difficult process. They offer encouragement and camaraderie through successes and trials. The easy part is joining the fun.

“The toughest steps you take are through the front door,” Shawn says.

“Once you work out [at FitCamp180] you will never want to work out anywhere else again.”

When relationships are built, the hardest parts become more enjoyable.

Personalized Fitness for the Soul

FitCamp180 is trending this year by offering group fitness without ignoring a central component of life, the recognition of the soul. For Shawn, the unity of his beliefs and fitness come together at FitCamp180. He’s not offering sermons, but he proudly leads a community into transforming the body and soul together.

Shawn considers FitCamp180 his Christian ministry, and he prays after each workout. He takes time to learn about members. Each member has a story and a life outside of the fitness center that affects their reason for joining. Shawn is highly in tune with the needs of others, having had a history of intense weight loss himself.

Because of his journey toward health, he truly sympathizes with the hard choices that must be made to become physically fit. He’s seen many take a similar path through their partnership with FitCamp180 and, as only a fellow traveler can, he has smoothed the road for those who come behind him. Shawn and Travis enjoy helping each person and truly care for them where they are.

Compassionate/Challenging Trainers

Shawn, Travis and all of the trainers at FitCamp180 are truly passionate about seeing people lose unwanted weight, overcome obesity and get in the best shape of their life. They walk alongside members every step of the way, celebrating each pound lost.

Helping others experience freedom is the cry of the owners’ hearts. Fear and insecurities bar the way toward healthy living for many, and FitCamp180 tears down those barriers one class at a time. Their fitness culture offers genuine love for those in process and compassion in the midst of challenge.

Everyone has their special brand of temptation that pulls at the best and most well-intentioned. And a typical gym plans for this lack of faithfulness in membership. But, thankfully, FitCamp180 is not a typical gym. Shawn recognizes the deep longing in everyone to be healthy and fit. He is passionate about coming alongside others, motivating them to respond with a confident “yes” to their health goals.

“From the fun, challenging, creative workouts, the high energy rockin’ music, the compassionate highly motivating trainers to the loving supportive community and fitness family you workout alongside of, FitCamp180 is revolutionizing the way fitness is being done,” he says.

Having developed a win-win style, Shawn and his staff “win” as they invest in others on an individual level and the members “win” as they reap the results of saying “yes” to fitness. Daily classes lasting 45 minutes are offered Monday-Saturday. Two to three trainers are present at each session to ensure encouragement and proper form. To say “yes” to a 180-degree change in life, visit FitCamp180 on Facebook or online at