Help-Her Provides Personal Service for Women 2

With a Passion for Helping Elderly, Help-Her Offers More than Just Service

When Diana Acker of Oklahoma City was working as a contract case manager for three different agencies, she knew that the state budget cuts were looming and her position would be among those sacrificed to the state budget woes.

She had always had a passion for helping the elderly and volunteered for organizations like The Salvation Army, at her church and as an intern for Epworth Villa’s hospice unit. She had a vision of helping the elderly or women in challenging situations with everything from transportation to shopping to household organization. When the cuts went into effect on September 1, she was ready.

“I talked about doing this kind of business for years, and it seemed like a good time to try,” she says. “By this time, I knew I wanted to serve women, and I started out focusing on offering services to elderly women, but I’ve decided to open the service for all women, like busy single moms or CEOs or anyone who just needs a little help.”

Diana launched Help-Her, a personal aide service that offers everything from household assistance, house sitting, visitation for the elderly, errand running, organization and mail service to holiday assistance, medical accompaniment and companionship and everything in between. Though a great many of her clients are senior women, she also helps others who are disabled because of car accidents or medical conditions.

“Sometimes they just get so lonely, and they want to do things like go shopping, eat Mexican food or just go see a movie,” she says. “Sometimes, they just want someone to do something with.”

Diana left her corporate energy job and the 9-to-5 world to pursue a career where she felt like she was making a real difference. She returned to college to study family studies and gerontology, and she says that training also gives her more to offer her clients. She is also fully insured, bonded and can offer a background check, which some other services don’t offer. 

“You can hire anyone, but you really want someone who cares when they are coming into your home or working with your loved one,” she says.

“It’s more than running errands. It’s about lifting spirits.

“It’s a personal aid service with a warm touch. I’m a friend. I’ve had so much feedback about how a service niche like this is needed.”

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