Eyes Etc.: Casting and Improving Metro Vision 8

Terry Furrh Sees and Knows His Customers

Acquiring a new perspective often begins in January. The new year marks the opportunity to see the world differently, more fully and with hopeful eyes. It seems that countless options vie for the attention of Oklahomans as they consider what choices lay before them. 

Few completely consider the value of their eyesight, but Terry Furrh, owner and operator of Eyes Etc. in Nichols Hills, is changing the industry by knowing his customers and raising the bar of expectation. Often, illness or discomfort brings a person to seek out professional eye care, all the while misunderstanding the level of care possible from a skilled ophthalmologist. 

Having waited too long to upgrade his lenses, comedian Brian Regan reflects during his comedy routine, “Man! I coulda been seein’ things! How could instantly improved vision not be at the top of your to-do list?!” 

And that’s Furrh’s mission. “Your eyes are worth the investment,” he says.

Everyone has the right to decide how much their eyesight is worth, so the team at Eyes Etc. offer options that typical eyewear facilities fail to include.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Furrh truly loves the people of Oklahoma.

“They are so giving,” he says.

His original spark, which eventually spread into a burning passion for the eye health of others, occurred while working for a friend who owned an optical store.

“When I started working in this industry in high school, I got the bug,” he says. “I was able to see people’s reactions. They were seeing for the first time.”

Furrh has worked in the field since 1972, and his skill set involves various aspects of the optical field, but he enjoys the specialized care of pediatric fittings and is an expert in fitting contact lenses.

“I enjoy pediatrics,” he says.

Dealing with children early on, he witnessed a 6-week-old born with cataracts. The baby could not focus on its mother’s face. Amazingly, the helpless child’s eyes came to life as the tiny contact lenses were fitted.

“Seeing the look in this baby’s eyes got me hooked.”

From that fated moment, Furrh knew he would be directly involved in helping his community by becoming a certified optician. 

Consider that “a 6-7-year-old doesn’t realize they can’t see until they are fitted properly [with eyewear],” he says.

Imagine the face of a child who cannot focus, looking past objects, missing the joy of play. These children, thanks to Eyes Etc., begin seeing crisp outlines of plants, a caregiver’s face, the ball or their reflection in a mirror. 

He also works with one of the top retinal ophthalmologists in the country, Dr. Andrew Hubbard.

Hubbard uses his skills as a vitreoretinal consulting ophthalmologist. Because Furrh cares about his customers like family, he partners alongside the best for the good of the metro area.

“We are a complete eyewear facility, providing complete eye exams,” he says.

During an exam, each client measures differently and brings unique needs. Over the years, Furrh has developed a keen sense of hearing and observation. When fitting a customer, he notices nasal bridge size, head tilt and other physical mannerisms that affect the size of the eyewear. 

He distinguishes his business from others by pointing out, “This is a hands-on facility.”

Conveyor-belt eyewear stores neglect the needs of their customers because of the rush mentality. But this hurried mindset cannot be applied to eyesight without consequence. The staff at Eyes Etc. actively listen, ask quality questions and learn about the lifestyle and environment of their clients. This intentional pace ensures longer-term satisfaction.

Eyes Etc. “uses the most up-to-date lenses and materials in the market,” Furrh says. 

Each person’s unique facial structure requires a custom fit. Brands such as Faceaface, Persol, Tom Ford, and Mathsuda offer various sizes and seemingly endless styling options. The frames at Eyes Etc. are high-end and include materials such as wood, stainless steel and even granite, but there are price points available for any budget. 

Having a pair of glasses directly affects the style of the wearer, so careful attention must be given to the selection process.

“Fittings are exciting and fun,” Furrh says.

He is adept at bringing the “have-tos” and joining them with the “want-tos.” With so many choices, Furrh and his team work to balance a customer’s preferences and their needs.

To join in the community atmosphere of Eyes Etc. and receive quality eye care, visit www.eyesetcokc.com or call 405-608-5353 to make an appointment.