Business Sense 8

Brent Gibson’s Commercial Designs are as 
Functional as They are 
Aesthetically Pleasing

For Brent Gibson, designing commercial buildings had been a full-circle life experience.

Brent began his career in Weatherford with Sawatzky Construction where he designed buildings for the company. Since then, he has created a successful design firm, perhaps best known for their residential design work.

But something many people don’t know about Brent is that he still designs those commercial buildings. He’s responsible for the office buildings in Glen Eagles Office Park, the Esperanza South buildings as well as some of the buildings in the Muirfield Office Park. Gibson is also just now finishing a 10,000-square-foot law office building designed like a French chateau.

Even his office at 415 SW 15th St. in Edmond was one he designed himself.

“I built this in 1995,” he says. “I have done convenience stores, law offices, CPA offices and professional buildings. Back in the day, I designed assisted living homes.”

From offices to stores, he has done it all, including the clubhouse at Prairie West Golf  Club and the clock tower on Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s campus.

For those looking for a designer for their commercial space, Brent recommends just asking.

“When we’re asked to do a design for an office building, we always try to find out what the client has in mind,” he says. “We offer a one-on-one experience with our clients. I’m going to sit down with my clients and help them achieve their vision.”

He can design around the needs and the budgets of his clients. He also has a great selection of builders who he works with regularly and is happy to recommend them to his clients.

And now, Brent is going back to his roots by designing the Bintz Optometry Clinic in Elk City and working again with Sawatzky Construction.

“That’s where I started back in 1978,” he says. “I was drawing concrete panel tilt-up buildings that they have all over western Oklahoma.”

The Bintz Optometry Clinic is a modern, clean-edge structure and a testament to Gibson’s versatility.

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