Thanksgiving Traditions 1

Brent Gibson | Owner/Lead Designer, Brent Gibson Classic Home Design

“Our Thanksgiving tradition is that we all gather around the wonderful meal my wife and sisters prepare, hold hands, and go around the room, each telling what we are thankful for,” Brent Gibson says. “My father then leads us in prayer, giving thanks to the Lord for the blessings he has bestowed upon all of our lives, and also giving thanks for America and what it means to us and to continue to lift up our great nation.

Mick Cornett | Mayor of 
Oklahoma City

“My wife, Terri, and I enjoy the chance to spend Thanksgiving Day with her family in Vinita,” Mayor Mick Cornett says. “She makes the world’s best sweet potato casserole, and I usually watch football. When we return home on Friday, I gather with hundreds of Oklahomans to light the Bricktown Christmas tree.”

Tracee Strong | Owner, NUVO Home

“My mom’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, so it remains with the traditional Thanksgiving feast,” Tracee Strong says. “Her Southern cornbread stuffing (my grandmother’s recipe) is my absolute favorite!
My mom started a tradition when the grandchildren were younger—she bought a paper tablecloth and gave the kids permanent markers to write what they are thankful for on the tablecloth. We look at them every year and it is precious to us all.”

Chad Caplinger | Vice President of Operations, Diversified Lending Group LLC

“Me and my wife just completed building a home on 5 acres in Jones and we will be having the entire family/families out for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year and will look to start a new tradition of continuing that each year moving forward,” Chad Caplinger says.