Travis Simpson's Top 5 Sports Moments 5

Travis Simpson is the owner of Jewels by Simpson, a fine jewelry store, and Bella Rose Bridal and Formal, a dress store for brides in Edmond. He and his wife have been in business for about 10 years, and enjoy serving clients and friends here in our community.

Travis started playing football in second grade for the Moore Sooners. He played linebacker and center at Norman High School, and then went on to play collegiately at the University of Oklahoma and had a short stint in the NFL, where he played for the Green Bay Packers and the Miami Dolphins.

“I enjoy being back in Oklahoma,” Travis says. “I think it’s a great opportunity for folks, both in business as well as athletics—not only at OU, but at all the other colleges and universities in Oklahoma. All the schools have really good programs and opportunities for young people. I love the great state of Oklahoma.”

#1 A Young Boy’s Dream

When Travis was a young boy in Norman, going to Cleveland Elementary School, a neighbor introduced him to football and sparked in him a love for the sport and a dream.

“The neighbor of my mom and dad two doors down, his name was Warren Harper, he happened to be the linebacker coach at OU, and he introduced me to football,” Travis says. “He gave me my first OU football helmet, so he put a dream in a young boy’s heart that would one day come true when he signed to play with OU in 1982.

“Norman did not have football in second grade so my dad drove me to Moore and I started on a team called Moore Sooners, imagine that. I still have that same helmet. That was my first helmet as a second-grader.

“That’s one of the greatest moments because the gentleman didn’t really know us, he was just our neighbor two doors down, but he gave a young person an opportunity to succeed in life or have an ambition in life to go and do something, so that was awesome.”

#2 A National Championship

The Oklahoma Sooners, under head coach Barry Switzer, won the national championship, defeating No. 1-ranked Penn State, 25-10, in the Orange Bowl on January 1, 1986. Travis, who had started for the Sooners all season, was injured and didn’t get to play in that final game, but he still has fond memories of the season and the championship.

“Ric Uhles, who also graduated from Norman High School a year before I did got the opportunity to start the game at center, and that was Ric’s last year at OU,” Travis says. “He got an opportunity to start and to play in the national championship game, so I love that thought, the feeling of, here’s someone that I had beaten out to play ahead of—from the same high school—and he finally got the opportunity and helped us win the championship.”

#3 Professional Dream, Realized

While playing for the Miami Dolphins, Travis got the opportunity to snap the ball to Dan Marino, who is consistently ranked as one of the top quarterbacks of all time. While this may be the highlight of some professional center’s careers, Travis found a different opportunity more impressive.

“The biggest one that I got to snap for, that I thought was more impressive, was Ron Jaworski,” Travis says. “Ron Jaworski was Dan’s backup in the ‘88-’89 season. Jaws as he was known, had been in the league longer than I’d been playing football.” Wow, how cool!

#4 A Proud Father

Travis is a proud father, so naturally, some of his top sports moments aren’t his own accomplishments, but rather, those of his kids. One of his greatest moments was seeing his eldest son play in the band at a football game.

“I’ve never until that point … never actually watched halftime,” he says. “That was my first opportunity to do that—when he was a freshman at Edmond Memorial High School. I don’t get emotional, but I got pretty emotional watching my son play the saxophone during halftime at the first home game.”

#5 A Family Legacy

Travis’ middle son is continuing on his family’s football legacy.

“My middle son now has started playing football at Edmond Memorial, and to see him grow … This one is taking in dad’s footsteps, he plays linebacker and running back for the freshman team at Edmond Memorial High School, and to watch—for a dad to watch his son—that is pretty spectacular,” Travis says.

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