Salon Exclusive 11

Offering Customers 
an Exclusive Experience

Lori Miller and Braxton Banks met nine years ago working in a salon together. And from that experience, Salon Exclusive was born. They had strong ideas of what they wanted to do as a business, and they had made strong connections in the salon and beauty industry. That’s why they decided to step out on their own and create Salon Exclusive.

“It’s just something that we both have a lot of experience with, not only behind the chair but with other things as well. We just wanted to utilize those tools,” Lori says. “We were fortunate enough that when we decided to step out on our own, we had a fantastic team that followed us.”

Both Braxton and Lori express a desire to grow and lead that team, which has allowed the salon to achieve an unprecedented amount of success in the first year.

Their drive and business savvy is evident in every aspect of the experience of Salon Exclusive. The difference between Salon Exclusive and other salons is the environment. Lori and Braxton have worked diligently to create the sort of atmosphere that stylists want to work in and customers want to relax in.

“We use top-of-the-line hair color. Not everyone provides that because it’s expensive,” Lori says. “The products that we carry are carefully chosen. They aren’t your run-of-the-mill products that you see everywhere. We have a hair care line that’s based primarily on science, and we have another that’s very natural and is based on how the ingredients are grown. Another line is a luxury line for colored hair.

So we really put a lot of thought into 
everything. The details really count. 
When we say Salon Exclusive, we mean that whatever we offer is an exclusive 
experience to our salon.”

“I had a new guest call in, and I told her to tell me about her hair,” Braxton says. “Any other salon is going to put you with whoever is available. That’s how it was at our old salon. So we really try to do pre-consultations over the phone to pair clients with the right staff so we can meet all their needs. Our biggest asset is our team.

“We named it Salon Exclusive because 
we want to do exclusive things that no one else does. We have staff who specialize 
in different things, so our guests can be taken care of properly.”