American Jet Charter 6

Air Travel the Way it was Intended

Flying to your vacation destination can often be a stressful experience. But customers who fly American Jet Charter get to experience convenience and luxury that other travelers don’t.

American Jet Charter can take the hassle out of your next vacation. Owner Jim Hensley provides a unique service to travelers.

“Customers can pull right up to the airplane with their car, and have their bags loaded right onto the plane from their trunk,” he says.

Passengers can also park their cars in the hangar during their trip, an experience that’s a far cry from the trouble of parking a car at the airport.

In addition to the convenience of plane-side service, customers also get the peace of mind that comes with flying with people they know. Instead of being crammed into a large plane, American Jet Charter allows customers to book a flight for their small group. This means that there are no awkward seatmates, and no close quarters shared with strangers.

And while American Jet Charter is required to check all the names of passengers against the no-fly list, passengers don’t need to go through metal detectors or remove their shoes before the flight. Simply by showing an ID, customers can board the plane.

As far as flight safety goes, passengers would be hard-pressed to find a safer alternative.

“We’ve been in business for 31 years and never had an accident or incident. We’ve got a perfect record,” Jim says.

The company has a maintenance department that does normal inspections, and the bigger inspections are outsourced to the plane manufacturer.

But safety and convenience aren’t all that American Jet Charter has to offer.

“We’re about premier customer service, and we want the customer to be happy about the trip,” Jim says.

Passengers can recline their seats, or have a meeting on board. American Jet Charters stocks the plane with the food or drink the customers request, so there’s no terrible airplane food on the flight.

According to Jim, “Your vacation starts on the airplane with a charter flight. If you’re flying with the airlines, your vacation doesn’t start until you land.”

And if that weren’t enough, American Jet Charter can offer customers something that no major airline can.

“You don’t have to worry about making connections,” Jim says. “You don’t have to leave early to make sure you get to your destination on time. We can do same-day travel.”

Flying with American Jet Charter means passengers can visit multiple cities in one day and still be home for dinner. It’s ideal for the customer who is tired of being at the mercy of overbooked airlines with inconvenient schedules.

And even though American Jet Charter clearly offers a unique service and experience, Jim encourages anyone interested to take a look at their planes, either in person or on their website.

“If you’re interested in flying charter, come see our planes,” he says. “People always choose us over the competition when they see our planes. “