Something Old, Something New 10

Vintage Reclaimed Lumber and Furniture offers timeless pieces with history

What started as a side project in Todd Miller’s garage has become a full-fledged business. Back in the day, Todd spent his days working for someone else, only to come home from work to transition into parent mode for bath time for his two sons, only to transition into entrepreneur mode when his sons’ heads hit their pillows.

“Michelle [his wife] and I were just dog broke. We didn’t have any money,” he recalls. “I would work all day long at my job, and then I’d come home and fabricate stuff on my garage floor.”

Working full time, being a dad and working until two or three in the morning is how Old World Iron was born.

Old World Iron was Todd’s first business and one that he’s been able to easily integrate into what he currently does with Vintage Reclaimed Lumber and Furniture. He built his businesses with the idea that you shouldn’t just throw raw materials into a landfill.

A walk through the Vintage Reclaimed Furniture showroom would make any decorator swoon. Many of the pieces look like they belong on an episode of “Fixer Upper,” or maybe even in Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market. But if they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, don’t worry.

Because Todd owns both an iron and a lumber business, it’s easy for him to help customers realize their design dreams by helping them create custom pieces that fit perfectly in their homes. Some of the more unique projects he’s had the privilege to work on include large cages for a customer who owned domesticated African cats, a spiral staircase that looked like lily pads and metal leaves that hung from the ceiling of a pediatric dental office.

“Basically, we build really cool stuff for people’s houses,” he says.

No matter how specific or unique, Vintage Reclaimed Lumber and Furniture can accommodate.

And while there are other companies that offer something similar to Vintage Reclaimed Furniture and Lumber, Todd is proud that his company brings more options to the market.

An interesting aspect of his business is just how green it is.

“We really are stopping landfills from getting filled up,” he says.

Even though the goal of Vintage Reclaimed Furniture and Lumber isn’t to be a green company, it’s a byproduct of what they do. And each piece carries the full story of the past life lived by the raw materials.

Some of the wood comes from old barns or boxcars, or even old buildings that have been torn down.

“The wood we get comes from all kinds of different places,” he says.

It’s the same with the metal used in the furniture too. Old World Iron either forges it, or they purchase it from distributors.

When it comes to balancing his businesses with family life, Todd is honest about what it takes. He works six days a week, but still makes time to see his two sons play sports.

And Todd’s commitment to family is evident in the way that the business functions.

Todd’s wife, Michelle, a CPA, has helped on the back end of both Vintage Reclaimed Lumber and Furniture and Old World Iron. Todd’s oldest son has begun working for the company as well. And when the youngest is old enough, Todd says he’ll work for the family business too.

When he’s not helping customers create custom pieces or cheering on his sons, he manages to find time to run marathons and compete in triathlons. To Todd, being in peak physical condition is key. It enables him to stay healthy so he can focus on his family and his business.

Vintage Reclaimed Lumber and Furniture is located at 1125 Exchange Ave. Their showroom is open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday. For more information, visit