Excellence in Design Right in Our Backyard 18

Brent Gibson Classic Home Design

Some of the most beautiful home designs in Edmond, Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas are credited to our featured home designer for this issue: Brent Gibson Classic Home Design.

Brent Gibson, the founder, has been designing homes for more than 40 years. He established Brent Gibson Classic Home Design Headquarters in Edmond some 27 years ago and the building has become somewhat of a landmark within the community. This family-owned design firm boasts home designs in some of the most prominent areas in Oklahoma City such as Nichols Hills, Gaillardia, Oak Tree and Rose Creek. This residential home design firm has built up quite a reputation over the years and is the highest rated designer on popular websites such as Houzz.com. In fact, they have won “Best of Houzz“ in both the Design and Service categories Four consecutive years.

Brent attributes the success of his company of the past four decades to excellence in design and customer service. Whether a client is interested in a custom design or wants to explore existing Brent Gibson Classic Home Design plans, the entire team works to make the client’s experience as stress-free as possible. Gone are the times where a client would have to wait for weeks on end to get a glimpse of a designer’s drawings. Brent sits down with each client at the initial appointment, and through listening to his clients and creating two-way dialogue to find out exactly what the client needs, he draws the design to scale at the first visit.

Brent believes this personal encounter gives the client confidence in their vision and also allows Brent to be fully in tune with the client’s desires. His team makes itself available to answer any questions the client or home builder has throughout the building process. This best-in-class approach is one reason why people love Brent and refer business to him.

His daughter, Nicole Rickey, also works in the family business as an interior designer.  Her work can be seen throughout homes in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Nicole provides exclusive lines of lighting, furniture and other interior products for her clients and builders. Nicole specializes in creating spaces that reflect and include every detail of the client’s needs. Styles range from clean and modern to a touch of glitz and glam, depending on the client’s preference. Nicole also serves the Oklahoma City area in tile design, custom cabinetry, space planning and decorative detailing.

Her husband, Shane Rickey, is a lead designer at Brent Gibson Classic Home Design, and is heavily involved in the business. He works one-on-one with clients and builders who prefer to look at existing Brent Gibson plans and tweak them to fit their needs. Shane has built lasting personal relationships with clients and builders and makes the process of perfecting home plans easy and stress-free. Most of the work is done by Shane via email, so the client does not necessarily even need to come into the office. In times where every spare minute counts, an approach such as this is a game-changer in the home design industry.

The Brent Gibson team works hard to stay ahead of the curve. The entire team is constantly learning new technology and providing state-of-the-art tools to their clients not seen in the Oklahoma market. An added service to clients of Brent Gibson is 3-D rendering/modeling of home designs. Now, designs drawn on paper come to life as the team is able to model everything from a bedroom floor plan to textures, paint, interior fixtures and everything in between. Clients can now have a virtual walk through of their home before any equipment breaks dirt. Brent believes this is an added bonus to clients who are apprehensive about their choice in design. Being able to see a 3-D rendering of their home puts buyers at ease and gets them excited about their home.

Brent also shares that his company is proud to give back to the community. Brent talks avidly about his team’s work with the Gary Sinise Foundation as they designed a home for Edmond Army veteran Rusty Dunagan, who lost both legs and his left arm in Afghanistan serving our country. Brent believes it is better to give than to receive, and giving back to the community is why many people have come to love and respect Brent Gibson Classic Home Design.

Brent’s work has been featured in the 2016 Street of Dreams event put on by the Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association and will be featured again in 2018. His team services the Oklahoma and Texas areas, as well as some feature builds in Colorado and Arkansas. You can experience living in a Brent Gibson Design exclusive neighborhood such as Abbey Place, Muirfield Village and Camden Park.

Brent’s team is involved in and accountable for every detail in the home design and the proof is in the elegance and beauty of every design Brent puts his name on. Whether you’re in search of a traditional home design such as English or country French style or you are looking for a more open concept, modern feel to your home, you will find your style choosing Brent and his team of professionals.

For more information on Brent Gibson Classic Home Design, visit BrentGibson.com.