A Room with a View 6

Homegrown Designs introduces urban/Southern flair

Style. It transcends, transforms and often morphs into another more youthful version of itself. Whether comparing the latest styles of pants, shoes or, in this case, home décor, one thing is certain: Style can transform something very ordinary into something extraordinary. Style is the perfect outward expression of a person without having to use words. It forces an instant reaction good or bad because it’s the first thing we see about a person or space. Telling someone in 600 words how all of the elements come together to form a masterpiece versus them seeing the masterpiece with no back story would obviously solicit a different response.

Shayla Graham with Homegrown Designs, serving the metro and surrounding areas, has style. She has the gift of perfect vision which can transform an ordinary, empty space into something extraordinary. This month she’s showing us how to combine contrasting elements which bring a few elements of different styles together to make a living room inviting, chic and contemporary.

This living room has the perfect mix of urban and southern elements – “Urbouthern” – can that be a thing? This beautiful house is a new construction – built in 2017—and already has an eclectic feel. The builders combined modern, traditional and farmhouse elements into the construction and the décor in the living room needed to tie in all of those elements without clashing. In just the living room there are elements of wood, iron and brick which by themselves gave the room a lot of character as well as color. Shayla chose to keep a neutral palette throughout the room to not disturb the natural beauty of the brick and hardwood flooring. She stuck with tans, grays and blacks with just a few prints throughout to add a little flair. The living room needed to feminine enough for the client – but masculine enough to appeal to her four boys!

The black leather chairs in this living room set provide a perfect midcentury masculine touch to the entire room and play off the wire accents in the stair banister.

The couch and love seat were kept neutral which the homeowner could easily update by changing the accent pillows to fit a changing style. The neutrality of the couch gives this room the flexibility to change as the homeowner’s design tastes change, and it does not take away from the room’s natural clean look.

The prints and pillows, chosen by Shayla, perfectly tie in the dark banister and chairs to the rest of the room without making the entire design dark. Adding pops of white within the pillow design keep the design bright and modern. It also plays off of the white built-in bookshelf to bring everything together. The layering of the rugs in the room is perfect, with the bottom natural jute rug accenting the brick of the room’s focal point – the fireplace.

A metal-top wooden coffee table was chosen to tie in the metal wiring on the banister of the staircase—a subtle yet necessary touch which gives the room character. The wood in the end tables also plays off the hardwood floors and gives all of the woodwork in the design synergy.

They say the devil is in the details so, when a fashionista works, she’s usually a perfectionist and nothing less could be said about Shayla and this room design. Small details such as the galvanized planters and iron candlesticks on the mantle make the home’s beams and chandelier really pop! The entire room’s small décor is mostly neutral with just a few pops of color here and there to draw the eye in.

Shayla Graham is an interior designer. Visit her website, HomeGrownBlog.net, for more information.