Revolutionizing Fitness One Friendly Greeting at a Time 7

Four Star Fitness shatters the stigma 
of corporate gyms in the metro

Whether you’re walking into a Four Star Fitness on North May in Edmond or right in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, what may amaze you first is debatable. It could be how clean the facility is or how quickly and courteously you’re greeted when you walk in.

OKC Lifestyle caught up with Kevin McBride, one of the owners of Four Star, to talk about the history and inspiration behind the friendliest gym in the metro.

Four Star Fitness was founded in September 2007. It started with just one location on North May Avenue, and two more have opened in recent years. The newest location is in Edmond. One of the first things to appreciate about the gym is Kevin’s candor.

“To be honest, it started as a pure business move, something that seemed like a good idea,” he says.

He wanted to shatter the stereotypical feel and attitude of corporate gyms by focusing on one word: neighborhood. From the transparent pricing options to how much effort every staff member puts into learning the names of all their members, it is evident their focus hasn’t shifted.

What makes them so successful? If you ask Kevin, the first entity he gives credit to is God because when the seed was first planted, Kevin admits he didn’t really know what he was doing. He also credits the growth and success of Four Star to his committed partners and staff who give 100 percent on the job every day.

It is also evident by talking to Kevin that his servant leadership and drive are very important to the equation. Kevin believes success starts with leading by example. Members and staff alike are not surprised to walk in and see Kevin cleaning a toilet, changing a light bulb or performing any other seemingly menial task.

If you decide to visit or take the plunge and sign up for a membership, the differences in Four Star when compared to any other gym in town are clear. There is an atmosphere of family when you walk in the door when a staff member or fellow gymgoer greets you by name. The facilities are truly open 24/7. At any given time, there are at least a few trainers ready to help you with equipment—even if you aren’t a client of theirs.

As you become familiar with your local facility, you’ll find yourself getting to know the staff on a personal level because they are down to earth and inviting. You’ll always find clean showers and lockers. Rather than forcing yourself to go to the gym, Four Star will become a place you look forward to going to. 
From the greenest gym novices to the self-proclaimed “gym rats,” Four Star willingly and lovingly serves all who come with interest.

Four Star Fitness also attracts some of the most talented personal trainers in the Oklahoma City area by revolutionizing the way the personal training business is managed. A typical corporate gym keeps up to 60 percent of the money a client pays for personal training sessions. This results in consistent turnover and inexperienced trainers making maximum dollars.

At Four Star, personal trainers keep 100 percent of the money they charge their clients. In fact, Four Star Management never even sees those transactions. Because of this, personal trainers become more vested in their clients’ success, and this movement has resulted in a type of pay it forward environment. Since Four Star doesn’t take a cut from trainers, many can offer discounted sessions to veterans, seniors, etc. without having to worry about making ends meet after giving away their commission.

“To watch so many people find a place that really is their second home and where they go when they need a place they can count on, it’s amazing,” Kevin says about what inspires him. “Just watching all the transformations of peoples’ lives, people regaining control of their life again, regaining mobility, health and happiness.”

A gym owner inspired by the people he serves, and not his own gain—it’s refreshing and commendable.

When asked what the best thing about being a business owner are, Kevin says he loves watching people progress, and he loves that Four Star as an organization is constantly reinvesting in their people and their facilities.

The worst thing? “The fact that you truly can’t please everyone, but you have to take your licks and keep moving forward,” he says.

Solid advice for all aspects of life.

Four Star Fitness has locations at 6900 N. May Ave. and 911 N. Broadway Ave. in Oklahoma City and at 2012 NW 178th St. in Edmond. For more information,